10 Inspirational career pathway – how much did you use?

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Tip 1. If you do something, do the best

No one was impressed with a whimsical job. If you do something, make sure you've made a great effort and give it some time and attention, so it's obvious to others that you know he's doing a good job. I got four years on a basic website, now I've been looking for a professional web site and I will be living in New Year 2010 in a few weeks.

Tip 2. If you do not know much about the things you do, ask questions about a person who knows about it

Many people just do an average job because pride prevents them from asking questions from a person , it does a good job. If you know someone you want to do, approach them with humility and ask them to explain to you how to do it.

Tip 3. If you do not know a person in the subject's idea, get a book for others who call others an expert.

Every subject expert has good knowledge, but not every expert is a great writer of communicators of that knowledge. If people banish a book or other writers always cite the book, there is a good chance that the expert can teach a lot. Buy the book and use a highlighter to highlight the good points.

Tip 4. Apply the Book to Your Own Situation

Simply read a book and understand the book is useless to you. You have to bite the bullet and change the way you do things and apply the book. To become number 1 of Google's search engine, you had to write 260 articles using links from the EzineArticles site. When I read this, it still lasted for two years, when I was trying to get to know my dreams.

Tip 5. If you need it, go to Google

There may be some technical stuff I need to find the right search on Google. I've found high-ranking websites that post a comment on a blog, create more new links to new sites that I'm launching and they will be as good as writing an article. Googleave is the top pages of sites with the most impacted sites.

Tip 6. You still need it and want to quit searching for a YouTube Tube for a video

There are so many things that can be solved by watching a YouTube Tube. You can take a step, pause the video, and pause the video to the next step. This video service is gold and does not cost anything.

Tip 7 Search EzineArticles

There are many experts here to tell you enough and good people to click on their website and buy this book or book that they have written. If you have cutting-edge information.

Tip 8. Apply everything you can and keep your eyes open for new things

For many years I was not able to rank high on Google because it's only at high natural search rankings that hundreds of links from your site websites. Still, I was a free SEO (search engine optimizer) newsletter that came once a month to my email address. Once you've sent an article about article information, such as the EzineArticles, and how each article you're writing can count your site back. If I did not receive this newsletter for a year, maybe I did not know about it. When I learned, I still spent hundreds of hours writing my 260 articles. Now I have a success and I like to add articles.

Tip 9. If you See Better Work, Make It Work And Do It

It's a mistake to cut and paste a different person's site, but people use software to use keywords on another site and see how many keywords there is in the document how many other words are and emulated. This will allow them to get the same amount of back link to be very high in the search engine.

Tip 10. Know God personally and let him guide the steps.

If it is possible for God to know it, and it is possible to speak with his mind as a thought you know He has given you. When God gives you things he directs everything good to do. For example, the SEO newsletter I opened with the responses to publishing on EzineArticles every time I arrived, I immediately sent it to the trash but this time it was like I wanted to delete it. Jesus said, "Open this Matt, it is important." I opened it, the rest were history.

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Japanese Genkouyoushi and essay tips

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This is a kind of paper that is used in all Japanese manuscripts. Vertical writing usually starts from right to left and from top to bottom. Horizontal writing starts from left to right and from top to bottom. Here are some tips for you.

Vertical Write

  1. Title: Enter the address in line 1. Word 1 starts from the fourth square. If the title begins with the numbers, write them to Kanji
  2. Name: the name of the writer is in line 2. Your first name is before the first name. Leave 1 square between the first and the last name. Leave 1 square meter under the first name.
  3. The first sentence of the essay or paragraph starts with line 3 of row 2. Every new paragraph starts at level 2.
  4. Punctuation marks: usually occupy their own squares. Exception: when it appears at the top of the next line, it is written in the lower right hand side next to the last word in the current line.
  5. Small characters: each occupies 1 square and is placed in the top right corner
  6. The subhead (if applicable): 1 empty row before and after. It starts with the 3rd square of a new line. If there are no sub-titles, just start the next paragraph in a new line after the previous one.
  7. Elongation indicator: When writing from top to bottom, the elongation indicator is written from top to bottom in the middle of the square.
  8. Writing Numbers: Use an Arabic number instead of Kanji. One number is 1 square meter.

Horizontal Writing

  1. All the rules written in vertical writing (1-8) generally refer to horizontal writing
  2. Small squares occupy space in the lower left box of 1 square
  3. script, Japanese quotation marks.

Essay Tips

  • It always describes about 90% of the words you need. Between 90-100% is great. Below 80% do not give good marks.
  • Always write Kanji if you can. Too many Hiragana will not help you get good signals.
  • Be consistent. Insist on the form used in the essay for sentences. If you want to write without exceeding the limits of words, we recommend using the plain form.
  • Do not use Slang or Talking Words / Expressions in Formal Essay
  • Avoid the same words or the same content too often.
  • Avoid the sentence beyond the Genkouyoushi line 2
  • Ensure the logic of the sentence
  • Make sure there are no errors or write errors. eg. You mean 1 word, but you have written differently.
  • If you need a pencil, make sure that you choose the right one for reading light and simplicity.

Hardness "H". for example, 3H is heavier than H.

"B" indicates blackness. for example, 3B is softer than B.

"F" indicates that the pencil sharpens to a sharp point.

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The importance of the family in our lives

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Family is a very important part of our everyday life. It helps us to improve our personality. It also helps us in shaping our lives. It teaches us the value of love, love, care, justice and self-confidence and provides us with tools and suggestions that are necessary for the success of life.

Family is a place where you can be. This is a place to be accepted for you. Here's absolutely no tension and everyone is there to help you. Family encourages you if you have problems. It helps you to experience difficult times and bring joy and happiness to life.

Honesty is very important in communicating everyday life. It helps us to develop close ties with others and become very gentle, intelligent and popular. Everyone likes this person. The family assists the fairness of our lives, which wants to create a happy life.

One of the most important goals of our lives is to create a successful and highly lucrative career. Families help us to create a strong future. It's a valuable suggestion for different career opportunities. This not only helps to make the best choice but also helps us financially to cover the costs of education. So it helps us to create a good future.

The significance of the family is likely to occur when a person is on holiday or celebrated at family members. It was very difficult to celebrate an occasion or vacation, without being surrounded by family members. At that time, we will probably recognize how important it is to us. At that time we became acquainted with the importance of our families.

Most people today do not realize the importance of family. They spend most of their time with their friends. But when they are troubled, their families helped them get rid of the problems. At the time when even our best friends refused to help us, our family will help us. So it is very important for every single person to highlight their families over everything else and enjoy spending time with family members.

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Inspirational Gifts

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gifts; I think you can be sure that most people welcome them; the joyful things, the treasured treasures and the expression of love, we all love to get those small boxes, desperately trying to figure out what can be hidden in the four walls of a beautifully designed gift box with a colorful ribbon that complements the beautifully wrapped box for the love found in the heart who were so deeply treated.

You do not have to be hard to find the perfect gift for that particular person in this extraordinary occasion, but it can be time consuming, but only when we do not know what to take for the occasion. With so many gifts to choose from, we can quickly dazzle to try and find the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, baptisms, and all the other hundreds of special occasions that often get us up when we try to make the middle of all the other tasks that make our do- .

Gifting is an American tradition. From expensive gifts to the least expensive gifts are at different price ranges. During the Christmas season, people seem to like the rush of bustle and the shopping of all the shopping malls. I know I love Christmas time and embrace the love and joy that the season brings. I like to buy gifts for my husband and children. My son, who always has a big ticket to his list, looks forward to opening every gift on Christmas morning and is really better than taking it; the true feeling of love and warmth, regardless of the year of the season.

For me gifting is the expression of deeply inoculated love, and gifting does not always come into a box; the heart comes from benevolence, which includes the help of a leader to produce hot homemade food or may lead someone to the destination. Gifting is a terrific way to show how much we care about and love with others.

Gifting is a form of artistic love that is able to bring happiness to someone's life, and so I love sharing the gift of the Spirit with those around me.

I've been giving gifts for a long time, and I enjoyed it. Yes, I gave traditional beautifully wrapped boxed gifts, but the greatest gift I give is the gift of love.

Did you give it to someone today? If not, open your heart and give me some love; this is the best gift you can give.

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Endorphin liberation with isochronous sounds – Brainwave Entrainment

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We all experience the exciting rush of endorphin liberation from time to time, whether it is permanent physical activity, eating certain foods, or suddenly a threat.

Endorphins are the natural products of the pituitary gland in the brain and the vertebrate hypothalamus when the body is in an exciting state, pain, intense exercise, orgasm, and other conditions of increased stimulation. It is a mild euphoric rush that provides some enjoyment under certain circumstances while giving us strength in moments of stress.

The release of natural endorphins is beneficial if we need extra energy consumption to ease chronic pain or to help reach a more balanced level when our energy is low. Depending on its condition, it may not be possible or desirable for stressful exercise to the point where the body releases endorphins. Sexual activity may be missing or impossible at moments when endorphins are needed. If we really threatened the stimulation of endorphins, it would be stupid. Excessively low intake of food, like endorphins, is undesirable. The use of chemicals to induce endorphins is likely to cause side effects and complications in our body. So how can you enjoy safe and natural endorphin release? The answer is cerebral cortex.

Brainwave imaging designed to release endorphins is made up of tone frequencies that synchronize brain waves with the same frequency range of sounds. By moving the brainwaves, of course, the brain can be brought to a state where it releases the endorphins. It is easy to understand by modern scientific research that has shown that brainwave patterns vary in different activities and experiences. In general, all existence or activity states have a signature frequency range. The brainwave withdrawal idea is that brain waves are placed in the same frequency range as the frequency of endorphin releases.

Two types of brainwave upsampling, binaural puncture, and isonic tone differ from each other to achieve the same results. Binaural rhythms, knowingly, affect the brain by transmitting two slightly different sounds on each ear through headphones. The sounds consist of repetitive impulses of each frequency. The latest development in the spread of brain waves is isochronous melodies that provide brighter and sharper sounds that often produce stronger results. Ischronic voices are also repetitive in harmonizing the brain waves of release of endophins.

Using Binaural Beats or Isokronic Tones MP3 Recording encourages the brain to produce endorphin once a day or as needed safely. This technology has been widely studied and tested for decades. Use them to sit comfortably and listen to the sounds for 15 to 30 minutes. There is nothing to do, just let the sounds do their work and move the brain to the desired frequencies. The use of visualizations or other relaxation techniques is likely to enhance the effects of listening to the recording.

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Motivation does not last and does not want to – here's what

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Examination of Passions

Motivation Does Not Hold Because It Reduces Challenges During the Moment

People are emotional beings, and while having very sophisticated forebrains, our actions are shaped by our limbic brain. the actions are driven by unconscious desires that are deeply in the reptile's brain, consisting of the brainstem and the cerebellum. His focus is on physical survival and the homosexuality of his body.

Its primary function is to preserve survival and control, respiration, reproduction, and other basic survival needs.

Controls unconscious actions and resists change. Even when they start a new habit, the experiments can be broken by the reptilian brain.

Thinking Brain is about 20% of decision making that explains why behavioral change often meets resistance.

Most people use autopilot, and their instincts dictate, which means the rebel master of the reptile.

The problem occurs when you give it a sense of satisfaction instead of a passing incident that your unconscious desires repeatedly stunner, even in spite of your best intentions.

It seems that someone's hands should be placed on your back to move on. If they remove their hands, they will probably lose their motivation. Jim Rohn was a late American motivational speaker who once said, "Motivation is what you are going to be, the habit is what's left." He knew that motivation alone was not enough to sustain his efforts.

I think the sound + the convincing WHY are two important elements that help you achieve your goals and successes. WHY

I have taught hundreds of people over the last decade, from athletes to CEOs, and one of the most important factors that often come up in coaching is the subject of emotion.

People often say that they do not feel motivated or engaged in the habit because they react to their emotional brains and give their demands.

I like the author and the physician Kyra Bobinet's perspective in well-designed biographies: 10 lessons in Brain Science and Design Thinking For a Conscious, Healthy and Intentional Life: "When people say things like" motivated, "I think they actually say "I feel stronger and I hope they do it. "They say motivation, but really, to talk about emotions again."

So if motivation does not last, what is it?

Nice to ask you.

What do you need for a WHY WHO?

According to the motivational author Simon Sin, many people and organizations focus primarily on HOW and WHAT as their primary incentives.

In the Golden Circle, HOW and WHAT occupy the outer rings of the circle while WHY fills the center. the Neocortex Role of Rational, Analytical Thinking, and Language

HOW is controlled by the limbic brain that is responsible for your feelings, trust, and loyalty. It guides human behavior and decision making and does not have language skills.

WHY is controlled by the limbic brain and manages intuition and decision-making.

What's this all about when you have a commander, WHY he is likely to associate strong emotions with actions, resulting in greater chances of success.

Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske authors explain in the winner's mind: 8 Strategies The great ideas for success can help you better deal with your emotions and dictate your life: "The difference between the winning brain and the average brain is that winners precisely direct their emotions in a productive way and not simply exhaust emotions from uncontrollable or negligent emotional responses (even negative ones) so that emotions positively contribute to current and long-term goals. "

To highlight an example today, I work with a young lady who is a women's football referee. Jane (not his real name) was injured 12 months ago when he played his ankle in the dry section of a football field during the game.

While the injury did not require surgery, the II. He suffered a tearing of the tapes at his ankles, which required twelve months of rehabilitation.

At a first meeting I asked Jane what he liked the football referee (why?). It was difficult for him to answer and I had to go further.

However, at the end of the session, he raised his motivation for a soccer referee coming from his childhood memories that he started playing football with his father. I remember the smell of smoke and felt the flow of emotions while telling me the experience. I saw his tears fill in his eyes and I knew he had a strong cause to heal his entire state of health again. The good news is that Jane is completely recovered and returns for a simple reason. He had an impressive WHY that encouraged him to appear every week for work because he knew it was too important to leave motivation.

The emotional journey yourself

other similar people and the common theme as a whole helps them to explore WHY before they act.

I do not say motivation does not exist or there is no place for it. In my experience, a powerful WHY always motivates motivation, because motivation is like a security and fast burns.

Generally, I will help my clients build their habits to support their goals and draw attention to the change cycle.

Motivation alone does not guarantee results and can not rely on it because it comes and goes.

Everyone is motivated by the beginning of a new habit, goal or project, but six months later the individual is unmotivated. This is when life begins or when unexpected challenges arise. Jane spent four weeks in the fitness test to become a judge's license and triggered inflammation on the knee, which required the retrieval of the training program [19659003] Most people resigned, but Jane realized that the goal was too important because it meant more to him as a short-term withdrawal of a damaged knee.

Fortunately, I've managed to handle the injury through a gentle exercise

While I'm convinced that if there is no persuasive WHY, you are unlikely to be successful

Ask yourself the following questions before a goal or a would you make a project to make your primary motivation clear:

Why is this goal / project important? 19659003 What does this mean if I achieve this goal / project?

Do I realize when I come to this goal / project?

For the first question when answering, continue WHY questions until you reach an emotional point,

This process should be an emotional journey because you try to touch the limbic brain.

Only then will you discover the real reason to claim a specific goal or action [19659003ChannelMotorMotivationFromChannelMotionFromtheNeedofYourself?

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This is not the beginning

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They always overwhelm some of their remarks and actions. They are so self-evident and confused; they got caught up in their own way of life and did not think about what they were doing to others. They may seem pleased, but not deeply because some may consider the material gain as everything. If they have material possessions, nothing else matters and will do everything that protects them. But I remember hearing this saying: "You do not start like this, but how to finish it." You may be starting with these things, but you lose your own selfish devices. Or maybe you still are in it, but you feel empty, wondering why you're not happy if you have all the elements you've checked in your list.

It's good that you're rich, paying your debts and maintaining a luxury lifestyle, but that's not all. Life is much more than material wealth. Many of you will thrive on money-making, but I'm not a slave; money does not pay me. Like most people, I would like to experience a flourishing way of life, but I'm not proud of my profits or the latest BMW. If it does not evolve in my soul, it will only be foolish and funny. I have friends and family who are proud of their financial gain, but I do not deal with it.

A great mom grew up who advised me to work for my achievements and do not do negative things to reach the summit. While I was a teenager, even in my family there were girls around me who were drug dealers or boys with the money. They realized it and felt at the top of the world, but when it came to an end, they understood that it was a temporary thing. Fast life is not all you break through, and pursuing your own performance is better than getting someone else to do it.

It does not matter from the beginning that you're done. Look at your own lifestyle and see how you want it. Positive or negative, can not be done in both ways. People will know how to deal with them and not how rich you are or what kind of car you have.

Thank you for reading and evaluating me.

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Inspiring Christmas Gifts – Small Works Make the Perfect Gifts

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Looking for the perfect gift? Do you look up and down for something that is right for a special person? Sometimes this year this gift is not in a shop or on-line catalog. Perhaps this year the perfect gift comes from within.

Welcome words:
One of the things most people really want is that we know that others appreciate and appreciate them. Some kindly appreciation for certain gifts is welcome. The words of gratitude remember life. Even a quick thank you, a thoughtful e-mail or an unexpected text message lights up throughout the Christmas season.

Words of Praise:
Get to know people in your life that inspire you. Talk to dear others and clap for the success of others. The ability to focus on other people's positive features brings the best qualities. This season, with the gift of praise, he gave love, joy and respect.

The encouraging words:
For those who struggle in your life, the word of encouragement can be just the right gift. Raise your reputation to your efforts to defeat others. Strengthen your tiredness with words of hope, faith, and compassion. The little gesture of encouragement strengthens and restores the human spirit.

Words of Inspiration:
Sometimes the words of others are the most inspirational. A beautiful christmas song, an elegant Christmas story, a beautiful Christmas card can truly inspire the deeper depths of the heart, affecting others in a unique and unexpected way.

This season, when you find yourself a gift from a heart, you think the beauty of words is actually the most perfect gift.

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Secured and unsecured risks

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When talking about insurance, we refer to all kinds of risks. Therefore, insurance policy is only one way of sharing their risks with people of similar risk.

Insurable Risks

Secured risks are risks where risks are characterized by risks where risks are not provided or provided by the insurer because it is possible to collect, calculate and estimate future losses. Insurance risks include historical statistics that serve as a basis for estimating the premium. It eliminates the loss, but no profit. Risks can be predicted and measured, for example. motor insurance, maritime insurance, life insurance, etc.

This type of risk is when the chance of occurrence can be deduced from the information available about the frequency of similar past events. Examples of how a safe risk can be explained:

1. Example: The probability (or chances) of a vehicle being in an accident in 2011 (the total vehicle provided in 2011) can be estimated from the number of vehicles involved in accidents in the previous years ).

2nd Example: The probability (or probability) that a particular age (or woman) dies in the year of insurance can be estimated by reference to the proportion of each age that has been lost in some previous years

No Unsecured risks are the risks that the insurer refuses to provide simply because the expected future losses can not be estimated and calculated. Keeps Prospects for Profit and Loss. The risk is unpredictable and can not be measured. Example1: The likelihood that demand for a commodity will decline next year due to a change in consumer taste will be difficult to estimate, is not available

second Example: The possibility that a current manufacturing technique will become obsolete or obsolete due to technological progress

-secure risks:

1. God's actions: Every danger to a natural disaster that is termed God's act, such as

. Earthquake

b. War

c. Flood

It should be noted that any building, property or life insurance that is lost in any of the acts of God (listed above) can not be compensated with an insurer. This non-affordability also applies to radioactive contaminants.

Gambling: You can not guarantee your chance of losing gambling. Loss of profits through the tournament: You can not guarantee the odds of winning or loss in a tournament. Introduction of a new product: A new product launcher can not ensure the chances of accepting a new product because it was not marketed. The loss of bad or inefficient management: The ability of a body to manage successfully depends on many factors, and profit / loss depends on the reasonable utilization of these factors, one of which is effective management capability. In-body loss can not be ensured as a result of inefficiency

. Poor business: A bad business should know its success is likely. Ensure the Insurance Provider's Insurance Option

7. Loss of profit as a result of declining demand: Demand for goods changes over time and other factors. The insurer will never guarantee the loss expected due to the decline in demand

. Speculation: This is a business that offers significant profits but offers the possibility of a loss. A typical example of stocks, wealth, and so on. An investment or practice, in the hope of profit, an increase or decrease in market value, but a possibility of loss. This can not be guaranteed because there is no risk.

ninth Opening a New Business / Office: Opening a new store can not provide a risk. You do not know what to expect from the new store; it is illogical for the insurer to accept the new store.

10th Fashion change: Fashion is a trend that can not be predicted. Any change in fashion can not be guaranteed. Fashion can not be assured because the elements of the fashion item can be outdated at any time.

eleventh Vehicle Offenses: You can not get an insurance policy against the expected fines for offenses on wheels.

It should be noted, however, that there is no clear difference between the risks to be assured and the risks that can not be ensured. Theoretically, the insurer must be prepared to provide something if he pays a sufficiently high fee. However, the difference is useful for practical purposes.

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Composed – what is the potential of a relationship?

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I recently discovered relationships from the point of view of the individuals concerned, which is astrologically called "synastry." Each of the two members of the relationship looks separately for their own personal relations. After each one has been described individually, the comparison between the two describes the intimate details of their story. However, there are several ways to connect. The moment that every pairing is done will create a new dynamic that is called a relationship. There are so many levels of relationships: parents and children, marriages, bosses and workers, teachers and students, brothers, lawmakers, law and sinners, doctors and patients, stalkers and victims, clergy and parish, some mention. ] Regardless of how many people we meet and the circumstances we meet with them, a unique relationship exists within a second period that did not exist before that moment and disappears if the two concerned do not choose to continue. Some such meetings are short, for example, a waitress who gives a cup of coffee. Some people live like family members or married partners.

The bond between the mother and the child is unique at birth. After refusing her father to be present at birth for many years, the medical institution is currently encouraging her father to participate. The ever-experienced double-second bond of the mother is now available to the father. Yes! Nothing is equal to the incredible moment, and nothing can capture it if it has passed without her father's participation. The mother does not really have a choice in giving birth; participation is mandatory. Many years ago I held a Joseph Chilton Pearce workshop where I discovered the birthday process. I went back immediately and told my son and pregnant wife to be sure that both of them were part of the birth process if that was all possible. Many grandchilds later, my whole family encourages this experience because of the attachment at birth.

Suppose I have ten friends. All pairs give you a unique friendship. It does not take away anything with the other nine friends and it will increase all of our lives for such friendships. I'm better and my girlfriend likes our friendship. If I am a better person for friendship, I will be better off to my other friends, family members, colleagues, etc. Whatever you do with the positive addition of the personal dimension, I will do everything I do and all, my positive self. Conversely, if I'm in a negative relationship, negativity also affects other relationships that I'm involved in if I have somehow reduced or jeopardized the experience of that relationship. They are reduced, so I'm less of a person than I can be with everyone I contact.

It seems that relationships are usually parts or stages. There is an initial introductory part … at the beginning. Then the process, duration and nature of the relationship follows. The third stage may have to do with completing or ending. It loosely translates to a beginning, a middle and an end. I'm sure there are other divisions or sections. Every stage has many opportunities for experience, as each relationship is unique. Astrologically, we can easily examine the potential of any connection (start) and see the reality of the relationship (the middle and possibly the end). Sometimes the potential and reality of the relationship works harmoniously. What we see is what we get. Other times, the connection does not reach its potential. What we see is not what we get. It would be useful to compare both the possibilities and the reality to determine which relationships have a greater chance of success in real life. In this article, we examine the potential of the link using the complex wheel. The reality of the relationship is described in a companion article.

The way to create a complex wheel is to start with the birth (birth) wheels of both affected individuals. In short, there are 13 main points that are astrological in traditional terms: the Sun, the Moon and the eight planets, rising, midheaven, and moon nodes. Thirteen points for each person are possible from a 360-degree circle. These points are created by creating two days, two moons, two ascents, and so on. After you receive these sums, divide them by two and enter the new digits of the complex wheel. Example: Sun # 1 and Sun # 2 divided into two equal to the composite Sun. The new wheel is called traditional rules and is called complex. In modern times, our computer-generated wheels will do our best for you. She has a wheel.

At this point you have to do a very unusual thing in your mind. You have to decide to think about the individual concerned and to focus on the relationship as an entity. This wheel is not of individuals, regardless of how much an individual wants to take in his or her own direction. This map is about the potential of the relationship that is not the individual people involved. I repeat the potential word for one reason. Because of the mathematics concerned, this artificial wheel assumes that the two people in each other are halfway between 50 and 50 times, and this is not possible in all societies. It must be given and taken over by the two people involved, but balancing on all issues is fantasy. The complexity allows you to view the idealized potential but does not fit the current time of experience. Why?

At the start of every sensible relationship, stakeholders are highly hoped for contact and are best placed to ensure that the relationship continues. This is unnatural behavior because neither of us can be happy with our best behavior. Sooner or later we're going to rest (for us) and this will change the relationship. It is not false or intentional, natural. Most of us do everything we need to link and then relax. Over time, the potential created is not necessarily our actual experience. It may be disappointing and disappointing, but it may not be intentional. Finally, they will all be right for ourselves, as the "ideal" means "reality". If we have made a mistake about placing one of them on the pedestal, it can be devastating because one or both of them fall off the pedestals. The consequences of such falls can be very nasty.

Composite is a technique that has been readily available for astrologers for years as manual castings and computer prints. It is a great tool for discovering the potential of the relationship and is the most popular choice among astrologers worldwide. The alternative is called the link wheel and is based on reality, but it is extremely difficult to calculate by hand. With the appearance of computer prints this wheel becomes more and more accessible. The information and experience packet to support alternative technology is growing, but much more information is available for complex technology. The relationship in the initial phase can be such a pleasure. Our imaginations and our long-lived desires flourish as we explore the possibilities. The question will be whether the ongoing relationship meets our expectations? Not the people who disappoint us. Our unrealistic expectations are causing frustrations and frustrations. A person on a podium has one direction and is off. Perhaps we can discover that the brilliant armored knight is rusty, nasty, or that the women concerned can not be the virtuous Maid Marion.

  • The Composite Day describes the inherent nature and identity of the couple's relationship potential with signature and the arena of the most powerful influence in the house.
  • The composite moon describes the nesting and emotional composition of the couple's relationship potential in the signal and the arena where these issues are played out of the house.
  • Composite mercury describes the communication and decision-making function of the pair's relationship potential with the signal and the arena where this house is played.
  • Composite Venus describes the ability, social and financial values ​​of the couple's relationship potential in the sign and in the arena where this house played.
  • Mars is complex in linking potential action, impressive and aggressive features in the arena where this house is played.
  • Composite Jupiter describes the extensive, philosophical and worldview of the couple's relationship potential in the signal and the arena where this house is played.
  • The Saturn composition implements the traditional, responsible, organizing function of the couple's relationship potential and the arena where he will play in the house.
  • The Uranus composite describes the forward-looking, unconventional, unusual aspect of the couple's relationship potential in the signal and the arena where this house will play. Chemistry?
  • Composite Neptune describes the imagination, inspiration, or cheating function of the couple's relationship potential in the signs and in the arena where this house played.
  • Composite Pluto describes the strength, manipulation, or obsessive / compelling function of the couple's relationship potential in the signal and the arena where this house is played.
  • The composite rise shows a couple of projects, their face-to-face capabilities, and the response of the pair's relationship potential to the environment. (Ascending is the tip of House 1). So they see each other in touch.
  • The complex midheaven shows that the couple is pointing towards goals, nature, and potential, while pointing to a pair of team-specific potential. (The midheaven is 10 th house cusp). This expresses that the couple must either reach or fulfill.
  • The complex north-moon junction shows the interaction of the groups and the collective influence of the outsiders on the relationship potential of the couple in the signal and in the arena where this house will play.

The traditional use of considerations illustrates the relationship between complex planets and points. I reduced the strength to 5 degrees, because the compound is a construction rather than real time and spatial.

Always remember that complex and reading is about a couple, not about individuals. Write down the potential word in the readings because the composite represents what the relationship is and how it will work if the couple meets each other in 50% of all questions.

Composites are very valuable in the initial phase of the relationship this people see and experience. If you are concerned about what you see in a complex astrologer, it is not easy to get the participants to clarify the concerns. The connection is through the filter of wishes, needs and expectations. They want it to succeed, so it's hard to accept that problems can get bogged down. Sometimes it must be raining on a man's march to point out all the looks, and not just positive ones. Real-time verification takes place in a dating site based on real-time calculations. Stay tuned

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