People have been involved in sports for centuries. While many sports attract competition, excitement and excitement, as there are numbers that attract the masses because of their strange or unusual nature. Sometimes such sports are oddly unintentional, but difficult because of the differences between cultures. In other words, a particular sport may seem strange for a person, but it is perfectly normal in the culture from which it originates.

The next is 10 lists of the world's most adventurous sport.

1) Human versus horse marathon

This is a race where a man competes against a horse. Sports began in 1980 with doubts between two men that a man ran faster than a horse if both competed in a country race. The tournament is usually in Llanwrtyd, Wales.

2) The wife

The wife caring carnival was first introduced in Finland, but in other parts of the world such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Morono and Sonkajarui. In this case, male competitors lead a barrier while waving their wives or their girlfriends. If you're gonna win this race, you need a technique. The majority of couples are on the classic backrest as well as the man on the fire man where the wife sets her husband's shoulders while keeping her upside down. The winner of the competition changes, but the most fun is the Sonkajarui competition, where the winner leaves his beer, which is the same as his wife.

3) Toe Wrestling

This sport started in 1976 in Derbyshire pub in the UK. Like a carriage, to win, you have to find the opponent's foot on the ground while his toes are locked.

4) Bog Snorkelling

Water-filled ditch. Competitors must swim in the ditch with snorkels and pinball machines. Competitors only use their pinballs to swim and compete with each other. It is not permitted to use other conventional swimming techniques.

5) Chess Box

This sport aims to test the competitor's intelligence and strength. The eleven rounds change the box and the chess tournaments. The first round is chess, played for four minutes, followed by a two-minute boxing round. This sport is known for a world music organization that handles international competitions.

6) Cheese rolling

It's fun to watch, it's pretty simple competition where your competitors are a round, from the top of the hill. The goal is to catch the rolling cheese. Of course, this can never happen because the cheese reaches its head and reaches 112 Kb / h.

7) The World Series and the Mustache Contest

This is a two-year race that presents thousands of men with their unique mustache and beard. The most popular prize for the competition is the "most inventive and perfectly shaped facial hair" title. The competition has various bearded categories, such as Dali mustache, bearded style and goatee.

8) World Championship

This is the winner of the old English entertainer competition to come up with the funniest or weirdest expression. Competitors must wear a horse's collar before they begin to twist their faces.

9) Competition for Peasants

Competitors shoot with their soft firearms on their peas ("missiles"). The sport is so advanced that today's use of laser-guided shooters and homemade machines is not uncommon. [10] The octopus or the waterhole

The list of funny sports is finalized under the waterhole. Regular hockey is the only difference between the environment – under water. Sports was popular in the Southern Hemisphere and held in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand

Even if you do not intend to take part in such an event, there is enough exercise – you can be confident that your ribs will, regardless of race, suffer regardless of who wins.

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