Don't panic! Could be interesting. An interesting topic is that the conversation does not have to be difficult to think about. Think about it – what makes the topic interesting? Isn't that people like to talk about it and have an opinion about it? Then you realize that it's not that hard to think about them. no. In fact it would be a mistake

Whichever topic you choose, you would make people more relaxed and happy; controversial topics do not do. Think about what people share: families, hopes, dreams, experiences, etc. Who is the most interesting person you've ever met? We can see how this can lead people to express their opinions and ask "why?"

2. Where would you like to visit the world the most? This dream place can be shared by others, so people feel solidarity, but people also get itched to ask why? and keep the conversation.

3rd What were the most life-changing experiences you've ever had? Here, people can share funny and touching stories if they want to help them understand them deeper. Likewise, if people do not feel calm enough to give a heart-sensitive response, they can respond in a funny way, and this will also contribute to the conversation.

4th What is the most spontaneous thing you've ever done? This opens the door to all kinds of funny and romantic stories.

5th Who had the greatest influence on your life? Since this person has influenced the person interviewed, they should look positively at them and have strong ideas about them. This means they will probably enjoy talking to them.

6th What kind of thing you haven't done the best yet? This kind of inspiring question always talks to people and everyone is happy to announce the hopes and wishes of people. Just be careful when you note that there is no rain in the parade. They have the right to have any hope

7. What is the best quality inherited from one of your parents? This is especially interesting in a family reunion when people know the parents they talk about. This is also a little bit of an affection, speaking about your parents favorably.

8th Which person did you learn best in your life? This is another uplifting, positive conversation that people usually talk about.

ninth What kind of historical figure do you identify best? This allows you to know something about other people around you; it also opens the events in which these historical figures took part. Yes, politics and religion are in potentially dangerous waters, but people generally take up this issue in the spirit of entertainment in which they are reported, so that potentially embarrassing moments are easily overcome.

10th What kind of music do you like? You can then continue with the purchased CDs or concerts. Maybe you can still ask – what's the most embarrassing album in the collection?

These ideas show that interesting conversation topics do not have to be complicated or intellectual – moreover, the more usual, the better, because then people feel they can talk on the subject.

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