You met this great guy and you've met each other for a long time. You were not in an exclusive relationship, but you spent together. They exchanged telephone calls for more than an hour and replaced a flirty smile

You feel good.

Now that's the million dollar question you want to know.

? Are you in or not?

How do we know the answer? What are the mysterious signs that you are in?

Well, beyond the use of the intuition of a woman I can not describe and teach here, I will do my best to "simplify" this complicated thing calls "love."

10 Signs she likes.

1. He watched two movies twice

He saw the movie. Although he was not too impressed, but as he did not get it, he suddenly changed his melody and said he would really like to see it for the second time.

And anyway, if you did not even see why we did not get together, he asked.

You know your intention is not on the movie, but the company really is.

So the girls do not have their real intentions. Is it enough to know the underlying truth, appreciate it?

2. Your car plays songs that sound just sounds familiar

Because these are your favorites! Once she was accidentally mentioned to her, and when next time you drive, you're preparing for a musical celebration.

Are the needs and preferences of everyone always so remarkable? Well, you notice that it interacts with the others and tells me. You ask this question!

Well, you're trying to get slower and willing to deal with it. But no matter how good it is, but deep inside, he is burning and dying to find the answer to this question:

"So you are alone?"

If your answer is yes then this will be one of the following:

Ever, how can one, like you, be alone? You mean you do not have a friend? If he feels that he is now tense and relieved when the answer is "No," he gets the message. The date is requested even before the date is reached.

Now if you do not care, why would there be a man who would have begged for "time" if the date is just halfway back?

Unless you look like Jessica Alba or you can give him a million dollar job like Donald Trump. If you are not one of the two or one of the categories, then this may be the clue to your heart …

5. Your name is not a stranger to your friends

If you get a chance to meet and with friends you know you create such opportunities, you get some nice, juicy bits from them. But this can not be a fool, and not those signs, but if your friends raise their eyebrows or sadly grin when they show them, then this means there is a gang in the gang, especially to someone you can do very well.

6. You can not remove your eyes from you. Okay, we know this is not the sort of catchy-type dress, but a slightly more loving look that's amazing and you like.

19659002] If the eyes can talk, they only ask the question in the owner's name: "You are the most beautiful lady I've ever seen. Do you want to be more friends?"

The best test? If a bomb or a gorgeous little girl is up to you, you must warn him before he or she notices it. (Of course, this is really a bit far away if you … what do you need to stop the man from moving his eyes? I still can not find the answer.)

7. He is questioning

the chance to ask him what kind of guy he is attracted and looking for a partner.

Unless you do what I'm doing (which is really a privileged position to ask you if you do), what can you expect her to know what a person loves, if not because she secretly plans to become her most eligible candidate?

Do not be surprised if you start to stop or forgive yourself if you say things that do not fit in the list. Examine the waters to find out what your reaction will give you some clues about how you feel about it.

For example, "humor and laughter" is one of the attributes that will attract you and say, "Oh, I'm a boring guy, I do not know how to make jokes or make girls laugh.I do not have to to be bored, then be careful what you answer. 19659002] If you say, "Ya, I do not think you humor is" verse "Oh, that's right? But I can never find myself bored, I actually feel I have to chat a lot of things "or secretly weeps of sorrow or joyfully jumping

He says things that" force him to respond and both ways tell him how he feels. So the girls, if they like this guy, know what to answer, do not they? (19659002) 8. He likes you.

Yeah, you do not mind escorting him if you have a car. He is also volunteering to accompany you to a place where you can satisfy a sudden desire that is due to the supply of food there.

You are interested in a handmade that you have to run, you need to buy something for your family etc.

If a person does not care to develop anything other than your friendship with you if you are not too bored for your life, or he is Mr. Super Ultra Nice then you NODO to what it is that everywhere you need it, when they need help. He is very concerned about the celebration of special occasions.

Like Valentine's Day (if you ask me that day I really suspect your intention, right?) And your birthday. to celebrate this special day with you, and preferably alone.

10. Buying Gifts for You

Gifting for a gift for no apparent occasion or cause does not mean that the easiest way for a man to express his interest in the girl without verbalizing it. If he gives you something, you're testing to find out how he responds. You will usually do this if you are still not sure you feel about it, so at least you will not reject it if you reject your gift.

However, he hopes that this gift will be happy. And if you're happy then he will be!

Summing up the above, not necessarily 100% foolish scientifically proven signs that will show you. They came from clear experiences and observations. I deliberately did not include things like body language, where she will check what she looks like before she meets you, showing her feet and turning to her body, for I only know this science.

I hope this gives you some clues that this person who often appears before him often feels afterwards. Is there only Platonic friendship or something else?

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