first Identify the Anger

Training Leaders and Employees Identify Behaviors That May Express Fury to a Worker and Have a Positive System That Means Behavioral Behavior For Further Investigation. Do not wait.

2nd Identify why they are angry

Interviewing staff will examine whether the indications justify further investigation. Based on an interview, determine why work can be angry. Recommend positive solutions for individual stress and anger control, or refer to EAP if appropriate and available.

3rd Find solutions for organizations for culture as this relates to anger

Do not stick your head in the sand. Insist on possible organizational issues that can lead to stress and anger within your organization and help you solve these challenges.

4th Trainers to Create a Culture of Civilization

Leadership comes from the top down and solves the problems. If the leaders of an organization are angry, then this is a difficult but important question. The cost of anger over the long term is too high to be the most fertile and long-term organization. Keeping key personnel becomes a question if leadership creates a culture that endorses or encourages workplace anger. Legal issues also become issues that reduce profitability and productivity.

5th Trainers identify anger and manage teams / people with problems

Leaders require training, support, and good leadership. Most successful organizations are a key component of coaching or mentorship managers, especially managers with new technical backgrounds. This will reduce the transition, sabotage and legal challenges.

6th Attracting Employees to Properly Manage Stress and Fury

Give your employees the tools they need to meet their own individual stresses and anger. Do not assume that civilization and self-management are taught outside work. Although it requires time, resources and management attention, organizational productivity and employee loyalty are increased.

7th Managing Organizational Stress and Interim Treatment

Learn how to manage your organization's transitions and help managers and employees survive stress. This will prevent problems and create an environment where positive performance will increase.

8th You Can Create an Anger Management Program for People with Clear Purposes

If someone has an identified anger management challenge, you can bring a great leadership decision to staff through an anger management program instead of replacing these people or expectations and the external agency you're having trouble with. "The programs may be tailored to their individual needs, some holding a 2-day seminar and individual coaching where individuals need additional support, and other organizations may have continuous and mandatory groups of people identified with anger. becomes a problem in the working environment

9. Make Instant Action: Zero Tolerance of Fury and Violence

Tolerant anger shows or the violence is dangerous.You can send the wrong message and open your organization to harassment. Leaders must be strong with zero tolerance.

10th Provides ways to protect yourself with anger and violence (with open creative solutions)

Creating sites that allow people to listen. Respecting the diversity of opinion. Create a safe method to express the right stress and frustration. It always looks to build a better environment and culture.

To achieve these principles, solution and leadership are essential. Many organizations have to encourage coaching and counseling to make these deep changes in their own culture. Paying lies in increasing productivity, loyalty and creativity in problem solving.

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