There are at least 10 ways to make the world better from today.

And, fortunately, nothing I share with you, except for yourself, is nothing else than anyone else's actions. Yes, believe it, or not, creating a better place in the world has nothing to do with world peace or the state of the world economy, or that particular person (or woman) leads a certain world power.

No, none of them blames others. I'm here, scared. The world will be a better place if you, yes, do the following:

1. Less Worried
2. Smile More
Express Your Love
4. Challenge Your Fears
5. Be Yours
6. Be Grateful
7. Help Someone Listen better
9. Yourself
10. Accept yourself

Fortunately, I will briefly explain how you can do 5 things. Then I ask why the other 5 ways of repairing the world are important (hey, you can't expect me to do everything here, you know – this is your world in which we're finally!)

"Today's consequences are determined by the actions of the past. Change your decisions to change the future."
– Anonymous

Yes, all you have to do is to become a better place in the world today and change the decisions you make yourself in the future.

And the choices or choices can change the following:

1: less concern

Do you know that he has worried about many of the world's problems? Nobody starved less because you worry more? And what about your world – did ALL do better after worrying about an hour?

Knows the answers to these questions; you know how to worry foolishly; yes, please worry LESS now! …

2: Smile More

But hey, you smile more because of this. And smiling is always good. But maybe you think nothing is smiling this day. Well, politely, I suggest you think again. I guarantee that if you still smile today, you will raise the spirit of those who will contact you. What is not a bad price to pay for a smile, is it …

3: Expression of Love

It's a simple thing, I hope, for you. Tell people you love to love them. Don't wait for romantic moments like Valentine's Day. Don't wait for your friend's birthday. No time like the present, oh no! Just ringing someone out of the blue …

4: Challenging Fears

Fears are small. But life wants to be big, big, big! Fears prevent us from doing things that are finally fun. But life wants us to go and be okay when we sometimes grab our knees! Fear wants us to shut it down with others. When life wants to open it to embrace life and love!

Fear is only your friend if you consistently contest your opinion. Challenges his fears. And do it over and over and over. Life fully welcomes you when you do.

5: Please

Ask what you want in life, from yourself and others. And don't be afraid of the answers. Some are happy with others who want what they want while others don't. Do not forget that self-confidence requires an approach that is beneficial to everyone in the negotiations – to help both of us, what you want, more or less …

Okay, and now I'm talking more or less now change. Now is the time for another inspirational quote to help the other 5 modes to make the world a better … 19659007] – Richard Bach

So now it is up to you why do you think exactly what is the next important (and practical) way to make the world better? that HOW will put them in practice …

6: Be grateful

7: Help someone

8: Listen to yourself

9: Yourself

10: Accept yourself

.. Thank you for reading, doing, and making the world better – your world and mine!

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