In life we ‚Äč‚Äčlearn that if we don't get what we want, it's the reason. The term how to & # 39; However, in many situations, the problem is not that we want anything. The real problem is how and when we get it. We have often decided not to fear that we will lose again and continue this event that would lead to great retaliation. Below is a real live account of a boy who only knows the art of donation.

Once upon a time, he was a 10-year-old boy who was very motivated to look for a charity ad for orphanage in many countries in the Third World. Advertising emphasized the importance of money for orphans, etc. The boy was very convinced and decided to sell a significant portion of his monthly pocket money. After the parents were unaware of the body, he was on the road well. She was very happy to help her work differently from the less fortunate.

Over the next two years, he has always given the organization an idea to help orphans in the foundation of the organization. He made many deep and painful pieces like a child of this age. He gave up his savings and often saved the bank's savings without knowing for his parents that he had spent most of the extra pocket money provided by other family adults. His donation further reduced his school meals. Soon he was miserable and hungry at school. Despite raising his parents and the extra pocket cash of other family members, he still lived poorly, as much of the money he received was saved to prepare for future donations.

Soon after donating a year later, the boy really felt miserable and potentially negative with his 3-year effort he brought in and swore he wouldn't donate again.

What happened wrong here? Lost the betting law? We assume we're gonna give you before we get it? Just as you need to invest wisely before you find wealth?

To be honest, the boy did not make a mistake in the donation, and it came from his pure heart that the money he donated monthly. What really broke, the boy didn't know how and when he was supposed to get. It was too strict with itself, which interrupted the broadcast and reception cycles. Will the income be different if you share your joy with giving to the parent and learn to receive praise, and more importantly, the much needed support from your love?

In many real-life situations, people have been pleased to give and feel themselves to feel reassuring and angry when they get the fruit of their hard work. Many fear that this is a submission that tells others to get a weak or non-moral right. They were least aware that by giving and not receiving, they broke the cycle of transmission and reception.

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