Life can throw some obstacles, often, unexpectedly. When the tragedy strikes, all of us have to look for inspiration and strength. We are all prepared for the necessary effort not only to counteract the obstacles, but to actually come. All this depends on having the right disposition and flexibility to conquer the worse moments of our lives. After properly formulating his mind, he takes advantage of his real potential, develops wisdom, and maintains long-standing motivation for the victorious life. Obstacles are the possibilities of the Creator of the Universe to re-affirm their divinity.

Regardless of what you think we believe, all of us need conscious or subconscious about a master plan. This master plan does not include indefinite suffering. Life and all its effects are beautiful. He reflects his Creator. Think of all creatures, the earth, and the universe in all glory. They were created to shine. It just follows that they have been created for the same or greater height

. You are your desired success component, they continue to lift themselves on the dams.

Success is the foundation for your success. You can not defeat what you will not fight. Rather than blocking bullet guns, aim them toward them, with the aim of knowing the key to success.

3. When a coin flip, your odds of winning dramatically increase. Likewise, when you overlap the side of life, you will eventually find the greener pastures.

The book will only be better if it reverses the page. You may not know what will happen next, but we are sure we will not know if it will remain idle. The next breakthrough is just one step. For some, this is a simple step. It may be a bit more complicated for others. At least trust and believe that the other side of the obstacle lies on a better day.

4. In order to get the best, we often have time to endure the worse.

Gold refined through the fire. You also need to clean the diamonds that we consider to be the most beautiful beauty and excellence in the world. Hard times are painful, but they do not have to be harmful. The best fruit was brought: the unique history of their victory over misery.

5. These things prevent us from succeeding.

People who are considered "great" today have failed in some form or otherwise. Frida Kahlo proved to be successful in Abraham Lincoln, although he has repeatedly attempted to raise the obstacles. Despite their challenges, they did not collect their ultimate success. This instead of getting started.

6. Every battle of life first wins in the mind.

If you see the victory, you've won. Visualization can be an important tool, especially when you are facing difficulties. Now is the time to create that vision for all the positive things you want to do. Design and Live for the Victory in Front

7. Our character of excellence is justified by decisions that give, stand up and do what is just, despite the difficulties.

When the light goes out, we do not all look the same. However, we agree that the lack of light results in darkness. Dark times give us the opportunity to highlight who we are in ourselves. Do not miss the chance to present your true self.

8. Our true character is manifested in controversial and difficult circumstances. Then our humanity, their weakness and their bravery emerge.

Blow is a mirror that mirrors the worst or worse. The decision to allow the constraints you face has a weakening effect on fragility while their tendency to play them reinforces our resolve

. Believe! Things will work, they will always do it, the most important is to endure it.

When running a contest, it's not always how you start. So do it. This does not necessarily mean you have to finish it first. Just finish it. If you reflect on all the things you've been through, you will realize that you've finally managed to survive. That can not be different.

10. Do not give up or enter. Give more, do not get harder or get more.

Like a baby's birth, continue the pressure until it's over and not in a minute. Breathe and press. Repeat until it is done. The more you push, the faster it ends.

11. Overflowing overflows require silencing non-productive whispers.

Do not let it be negative in the warehouse. Instead, fill hope, joy, peace, and love. Meditate on good and positive things. Stop your mind for things that are higher and bigger than your current circumstances

12. Strong opposition means you're on the right track. Keep the course!

The bigger the challenge, the greater the growth potential. Do not be intimidated by the challenges ahead. Instead, let your sense of motivation fall into you. Trust and believe we can not show an unimaginable obstacle. [13] The Shepherd protects your flock toward the end, rehearsals and tribulations keep your hearts, because that is what makes life's life a new life.

This is a heart-centered battle. The heart governs the mind. Do not be fooled by any external circumstances. This heart counts. Regardless of what you are facing, you will not win if your heart is not in it. Get the heart in the game.

14. If you think you have no fight, think of someone else.

Although an adverse event is experienced on an individual level, it is not always us. Sometimes the key to the challenges ahead is someone else's advantage. There is a goal behind every goal.

15. Speed: face forward and forwards, no backwards.

Every step we take into account should take a step towards a not too distant victory. That means we're moving on and going on.

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