The songs that motivate obstacles to overcome the big songs. They are full of motivational messages and powerful instrumentation, they are the ones that awaken and go to the gym, even though you are tired. They are the ones we hear in the game when there are a few seconds left in the clock and the score is tied. They are the television and film music of the musical montages when the protagonist finally faces the challenge and continues to resist the opposition

Motivating songs to overcome obstacles are important because they are uplifted, inspired and excited. The constant "diet" is confident, strong, and ready to take on the world. They are so effective that they have supported all the movements that have brought great social and political changes.

Like the US Civil Rights Movement. A selection of leading artists has written and produced some of the most motivating songs to overcome obstacles. Everyone from James Brown to The Jacksons has contributed to this rich music that becomes the music of colorful people's progress

1. "We Will Overcome" by Mahalia Jackson is the most popular protest song that became the most important hymn of the American civil rights movement

. Fisk Jubilee Singers sang the song "Wade in the Water," which claims from a number of web resources and popular books that it contains explicit instructions for fugitive slaves, how to avoid capture and the way to succeed in freedom [19659002] 3. Leadbelly's "Pick a Bale of Cotton" song is a song that the singers sang to match the timing to pick up one byte (480 lbs.) Cotton

. "Tell me aloud, I'm black and I'm proud." James Brown is equally remarkable both as one of Brown's signature songs and as a hymn of one of the most popular black powers of the 1960s

. "Sing All the Voice and Song" Kim Weston sang and written by James Weldon Johnson, was named Black National Hymn and became NAACP's official song

. "The Impressions" or "The Winner" was written and produced by Curtis Mayfield and was the # 1 song of black pride movement

. Marley's most important piece comes from the "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley, Pan-African leader Marcus Garvey.

8th The Jacksons were written by Michael and Jackie Jackson on their Triumph album and in 1981 were an international chart-topper.

ninth McFadden and Whitehead "Aint No Stoppin Us Now" is a festive song that respects black achievements and No. 1 sold in over 2 million copies.

10th The Isley Brothers is a protest prototype 1975 that inspired Public Enemy to release its own hip-hop version in the late 1980's

11. One of Michael Jackson's "people in the mirror" is one of the critically acclaimed songs of Jackson, which won the first place and was re-released in the United Kingdom after his death

. Public Enemy "Fight For Power" serves the political purpose of the group and is the largest one-man.

13th Kanye West "Jesus Walks" was not only the most popular songs, but music critics were also well received, praising "impressive loud mood and boldness in the open embracement of faith".

14th Wyclef's "Hold On" is a fan of the Haitian musician to support his nonprofit organization and help the YELE victims of the earthquake in Haiti by 501501.

15th "Move On Up" by Benellie singer-songwriter Agelique Kidjo, Bono and John Legend are a motivational song that raises the African people. Although originally written and presented by Curtis Mayfield in 1970, many other well-known artists have released later releases that are just as motivated.

So stand by and get ready to motivate the obstacles. This playlist gives you an authorization regardless of what color you are. It will touch you, resonate with you in your own body, and move it! The legacy of music is alive.

What are the obstacles on the road? Just let rhythm and rhythm stop and allow the message in music to help you over and over all the obstacles …

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