"Just be yourself!" These were rather strict words for this intimidatingly beautiful woman I met years ago. And the devil was very purposeful – I – I!


So in this article that I am you, I will examine what it means to you, and why would anyone spend it, if not yourself.

And to help me, I enjoyed the services of the 3 inspirational quotations.

So anyway, the day he did not go well … This woman's words got embarrassed. I could tell you that it irritated me that I was not myself – they called him a man's intuition or the fact that he grew up as he spoke – but I knew I was doing this all my life BEING MYSELF.

So that's why I understood and still a little disappointed. Because I knew I was specializing in myself. For example:

* I wore the clothes I wanted to wear
* I had my own thoughts and no one else
* I was not in line, I did not give myself the often sad regimes "to life

And I no longer "I was so happy with my friends, who were happy to me – to me." The challenge is to have yourself in a world that wants to please you like everyone else. "Anonymous said. And I said, "Tick" – a good challenge and really accepted.

So how was I not myself?

Well, that's part of me that I understood at least. But exactly what was her beautiful companion when she complained, "Just be yourself!"

Simply put, what he noticed was that I said one thing and FEELING is another.

So I might have been angry at that moment, but I thought I was calm. I may feel sad, but the "happy" face. I might have intimidated this female company, but I was too scared to show it (even myself).

Yes, very often this "not for yourself" is something you do not even suspect of getting into – these synchronization feelings may be so normal for you to simply not detect them.

And in those times when you realize you feel like your emotions, you usually do it because … because the other person can think.

Ah, yes, now familiar self-help area. Now we see what prevents us – either on the surface, in the fashion, or deeply, we fear we will not accept others.

And I'm sure I'm not the only one who suffers from it. It is possible that you may be in danger because others think; because others can ridicule their "individuality" efforts.

Do not be afraid because you and I have got our own inspirational quote that can only help us here: Take advantage of your talent: the forest would be very quiet if no bird would sing just how much it sang most. "Henry Van Dyke

The real truth is that we can do everything we can to get the best of our properties. If we choose to sing, dance or talk publicly – even though we decide to say who we are, we just have to do the best.

All we can do is to EXPRESS ourselves as justly and as self-knowledge as we can.

Then … we will be ourselves, whatever the consequences we will be ourselves

But do not be wrong, this trip, to be yourself, not trivial, along the road will be a bit of trouble, and they will be confusing.We can move forward one step and two paces, but VITAL is yours, it is vital

So I want to finish this article with the author ee cummins, everything I wanted to say here: to raise and become courageous who you really are. "

Thank you and well my trip, travel. And if you ever have a chance on my date – I have not seen him for years, obviously – tell him the Thanksgiving.

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