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When your thoughts disappear, the level of stress disappears from control. It is difficult to breathe and tension the body's pen. By leaving our mind and body out of your mind, you can start calming the system. This, in turn, helps to slow down your thoughts and feel more relaxed.

The following three simple methods demonstrate the reduction of stress. Try them out and make yourself try all the techniques for at least a week so they can really cope with them. Then there will be a set of stress-reducing tools that you can call at any time!

first Respiratory Control – 1 Minute

Standing or Sitting This is designed to help your breath in your body and help you relax. Breathe deeply and hold your breath down to number 5. Repeat 5 or more times. Slowly open your eyes.

2nd Short Meditation for Softening Muscles – 1 Min

Standing or Sitting This can be done anywhere. Standing in a row, waiting for the train, in the shower, on his desk, on the couch, waiting for someone, at the beginning or end of a meeting …… – Soften your muscles around your eyes. Relax completely. – Soften the muscles behind your eyes. Let them go completely. – Take your attention to your chest now and relieve your muscles. Relax completely. – Take your attention to the stomach muscles now. They do not need to be pushed or locked.

Just RELAX them. – Now it takes 3 deep, relaxing breaths while everything is soft. – For 30 seconds, looking down, open your eyes and slowly return to the room.

3rd Grounding Practice – 2 minutes

Standing – Close your eyes – Look for your center of gravity by gently swinging back and forth until you find a central location where you feel stable. – Feel your feet in the Earth and feel the energy of the Earth. – Nothing can happen to you. It doesn't fall. Fully supported. – Imagine that your feet are rooted in the Earth and that you are firm. Fully supported. – Feel the energy of the Earth towards your body: your feet, the groin, the abdomen, the chest and the head. Feel that it gets into every cell of the body. – Notice how strong your body is. Notice how high you feel. Notice that you are supported. Slowly open your eyes.

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