"Research shows that your child is regularly playing games with violent and aggressive acts, and therefore, there is a danger of aggressive behavior, and some games promote sexual bias and irresponsible sexual behavior."

seem to be normal in today's society. Have you heard that "Do not play computer / video games with your kids, they will beat you"? And that's right, why not, when they spend hours in front of the computer to practice the game's ability to be such a "junkie".

Yes, they are all a player to some extent. However, if it comes to developing children and choosing certain aspects of video games, I think that loving and caring parents would hesitate here.

So let's talk about the four important aspects of child development: Physical Development

Many of us can be related to this story; Oh, I'm tired of my job, and I have no energy to quit and kick a football or play a game with my kid.

Let's put it this way. If you knew this was the last day on earth, would you spend that day with your puppy to play some fun workout? You know the answer, right? The point here is that you do not think this is your last day, but your brain, how important it is to commit yourself to the physical development of your children. The healthier the kid grows now, the happier you will be later, right? So invest in your child with immediate action. Use your imagination to go out and play aloud with your children today, tomorrow or last week and regularly.

Social Development

Instead of sitting in front of a computer and playing a shooting game, I suggest that your child (s) should be privileged to interact with other children. If you spend quality time in contacting others with your school or kindergarten then this can not be a big problem for your child. But if you see that your child is a socially close person, then you should emphasize this aspect at the expense of the time of the video game. Otherwise, as the research shows, the consequences may be negative.

Spiritual Development

This is where you have to initiate various learning activities. It is important not to force your children into spiritual activity, but to be interested. Encourage your child's intellectual growth by monitoring their interest, consulting with professionals, and / or obtaining interesting books in this area. You can also purchase an interesting e-learning course on the Internet. You must be aware that the course is:

  • Pleasant;
  • Certain skills (such as math, language, etc.) Teach or strengthen;
  • To be competitive (eg and
  • The winner must be nominated and some prizes to be awarded
  • Emotional development

    Increasing the number of unlimited hours on the computer can also lead to the abusive habits. they get caught by procrastinating things when they go to a next stage and try to finish another round and even more and more.

    In this case, and not just, kids have to mentor it, give them instructions, show them the way. Let them give you incentives and rewards Teach them what is right or otherwise according to your belief system But do not forget that you are always objective and always responsible for what you most appreciate for your child because that is the basis for the future of the future [19659018]

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