Every time I talk about Tony Robbins, I feel intense emotions. Tony taught a lot and distinguished himself in his private and professional life. Tony Robbins is an international author, entrepreneur and undisputed authority for personal development and has inspired athletes such as Serena Williams and famous entrepreneurs such as Salesforce.com, Marc Benioff's father.

Below I list the 4 strong Tony quotations that, if applied to our profession, can have a huge impact on their success: "There are no errors, no results." Tony Robbins [ 19659002] Our vocation is full of unexpected and changing situations that sometimes cause stress or lose focus.

If you start from the failure of faith as a feedback to improve your approach, you will gain more emphasis and mental flexibility and make things more positive and more effective.

For example, if you lost only one big bill, instead of losing motivation, ask yourself what c you are learning about this situation and what else to do next time we're in a similar situation. [No]

"If you want to succeed, find someone who has achieved the desired results." Tony Robbins

If you want to improve your performances, you do not need to reinvent the wheel.

If you can not achieve your goals or want to gain new success in your profession, find someone who has already received the results you want to get and study, pay attention to your strategies, recognize what spirit your business is and learn from this and finds itself in achieving similar results.

I've been using this strategy for years, it requires a bit of open thinking, it requires that I open a set of thoughts that are often completely different from yours but can bring tremendous improvement to your life.


"Your past does not match the future." Tony Robbins

This quotation literally changed my life.

We often start the idea that we have been doing somehow in the past or have achieved some result or behaved in a certain way, that's what we are and there is nothing wrong with it.

If you have not achieved this goal this month, it does not say anything about being a successful sales specialist last month, you will not be able to change anything anymore this month, use new strategies, gain new knowledge, recognize your opportunities , learn from past feedback and focus on your goals, apply role models, and the profession will grow rapidly. No.4

"There is no greatness without being passionate, whether it is an athlete or an artist, a scholar, a parent, or a businessman." Tony Robbins

Whatever you do, calling from cold to a business meeting with passion requires you to be obsessed with your profession.

I remember talking to a friend of mine, a successful insurance businesswoman who admitted she often dreamed about conversations with her clients when she often woke up at the idea of ​​appointments.

Enthusiasm with your profession, a fascinating look that will help you survive the most challenging challenges, continue to advance around all of you regardless of how to evolve and reach the impossible.

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