Thinking is the battery that affects your life. You can not think of common thoughts and you can count on having an extraordinary existence. Success is first developed in the mind, so it is important to elevate the mind above the basic level of thinking.

Unbelievable tricks are only impossible if you think they are! This is what I call "Wile E. Coyote Factor". This Looney Tunes character who is famous for the uncontrolled pursuit of the Road Runner is so intent on sticking to catching the jackpot when it comes out of the cliff. Wile E. Coyote is quite delicious until you feel it is impossible to walk in the air and then falls. The lesson here is that you will always achieve what you just believe … just do not look down.

So here are 4 steps to "impossible" to accomplish:

1. Set the mind to GREATness. Sometimes in our lives we are unable to move forward because we try to do new things with the old mentality. We try to give new wine to the old amber (Mark 2:22). But greatness is a mind set, happiness is a way of thinking, health is a way of thinking, wealth is a way of thinking. In other words, ask your head. How do you think it will determine who and what will be. Set your mind to be GREAT!

2nd Create a "new normal". GREAT Living in the event of uncommon community and when it comes to supernatural natural events. Teach your mind to believe it is weird to live an unfulfilled life. Go to the point where you can not understand that life expectancy is a possibility. We believe that we can live only in one way and that is successful and in our own way.

3rd Create a visual image. "From the point of view of the eye" is a common and true faith. However, "out of sight, out of sight" is more accurate. If there are things in your life that are missing, then make your mind aware of what it looks like. For example, if you want to be rich, look at the rich people. Ask yourself: How does a rich man spend their time? What do you think? What are they doing for their lives? Where are they going to have fun? Collect information to create a full image in a rich lifestyle. Then start adjusting your actions, attitudes, and habits with this visual image.

4th Do. After getting a clear picture of what you want, start aligning your actions, attitudes, and habits with this visual image. Practice the impossible! Like "Wile E. Coyote", make sure you see and understand your intentions and keep running. Remove information that attempts to verify what you want to achieve, impossible or abnormal. Keep your intent high and do not look down.

If you understand the cause-effect Universal Law, you can create a picture of what you want in your mind. If you can build it in the spiritual world (s), you can do it in the physical world (effect). There are no limits! GREAT people make impossible the impossible.

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