Most people heard them and probably even used a couple. People use them on social websites and wear t-shirts and drinks from the coffee cups that display them. The quote of life is the best-known and most popular literature known to man. People may refer to life quotes because they have a real meaning

1. "The real reason for committing suicide is that you always know how much life will be after hell" – Ernest Hemingway

There are many people who are related to this quote. Often life is overwhelmingly overwhelming, and the bad things that we do become obscure, but we have learned from our experience that circumstances are always changing and things are always better – eventually. Sometimes you just have to wait until the storm passes and demands some trials and misery in life to learn the lesson. As the storm passed, everything was as it was, and sometimes calmer and better than before. Just a matter of time and waiting.

2nd "Not your life years, but your life in the years" – Adlai Stevenson

This quote coincides with "quantity versus quality". This is a great quote because truth is about life. A person can live for 100 years, but if the 100 year doesn't have meaning or quality, it's simply useless. Alive without happiness or feeling is just as wonderful as the dead, because nothing happens and you don't do it. If a person was only 18 years old, but 18 years was better than another 100, he had a good life.

3rd "Life is all a memory, except for the moment that goes so fast that it will barely catch you" – Tennessee Williams

This quote is a good example of how short life is. You live, but during the life process you can barely grab the things that happen to you because the current moment is so fast. When it's over, it's just another memory, but for those who really enjoy life, it's another memory they hold for their hearts. Sometimes life is full of unpleasant and bad memories. No matter what the memories are, they are undoubtedly a learning experience.

4th – Sometimes I would like to have a quick push of life – Dan Chopin

Why is this quote so good? Because everybody thinks and feels exactly at a certain point. Life is full of times that most of us don't want to endure. One of the greatest examples of work or tragedy. Work is what most people cannot avoid, and while they have to go out to live, most individuals would agree that it would be good to have a fast forward button. The same applies to tragic situations. There are only a few things in life that are too unpleasant to cope with. Unfortunately, people have to go through a series of ups and downs.

5th "Our insignificance is often the cause of our security" – Aesop

In life we ​​want to achieve everything and make something about ourselves. People just can't expect to give them everything on a silver platter. Our task is to get out and do something with our circumstances to live a great life and consider it as wonderful individuals when it is over. For some people this is difficult. You can't be of any significance if you're scared of everything. In order to be truly satisfied with yourself and your life, you have to step outside your comfort zone and not be afraid to live.

Most of these quotes are probably related. Most people have a good understanding of these famous titles. It is likely that some will be seen again during life, and maybe you can use some more as you go through. However, they are sensible and great reminders of the true truths of life

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