The type of fortress I refer to is "the negative strengths of the mind". The mind's base is a false pattern of thinking based on "lies and deception" or bad "suggestions" that is contrary to God's knowledge. Deception is the main ingredient used by the devil as the primary weapon and a building blocks for the development of negative forts in the mind. In 2 Corinth 10: 3-5 KJV – says:

3. For while we are in the body, we do not fight after the war. 4. The weapons of our warfare are not fleshy, but are powerful in God to break down the strong estates; 5. Imagination and all high things that exalt themselves to God's knowledge and involve all thoughts in the obedience of Christ;

Verse 3 states that we are in the body (physical body), but in this case the physical bodies can not help in this war because war is in the mind and we have a huge assault weapon, and that the weapon is the Word of God which is verse 4. This is so important; we must understand and reveal the word of the written word of God.

You need to transform your body's intellectual skills into spiritual thinking. In verse 5 it clearly states that "the removal of imagination" means (throwing or leaving: thoughts or images) that are contrary to the knowledge of God. You have to seize (negative thoughts, negative images, bad suggestions that the devil) try to get into your mind. This is a positive credit or God's written speech.

What is the 5th Fort that could hinder a change of mind? Negative Thinking Pattern or Bad Thinking

2. Allows your mind to produce poor quality images or poor imagery. It involves … an incorrect image in the mind of who God is and how he sees Him (God)

3. Angry

4. The mentality of poverty and deficiency

5. Incorrect Behavior

This is just a short list of different forms of forts (ways of thinking) that can hinder a change of mind. Truth separates deception, lies and bad fears. Jesus said that if he keeps in his Word that will forsake the forts, he will be relieved of the power of the sin that is over you – Read John 8: 31-34 in KJV. Because of the fortifications, Christians and non-Christians in captivity are in danger of being forced into the fort, unless they are psychologically involved. We must not forget that awareness is a key factor in this type of physical thinking. You are where you are because of your thinking. The battle is really in the mind because the mind is your place of living

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