With all these we are struggling with the small economic struggles. While things are going to get worse, they always do it, it's a good time to get our financial records closer than we can when things are big and money flows. So with your cable bill or your cell phone bill, trying to get a cheap price when car insurance would be that the list or things you might want to try to lower you to save a few dollars. Here are 6 tips that can help you get cheaper car insurance:

# 1. Get a copy of your credit report
Are you serious or not, some of these companies are examining these reports to see it on time or not. Whether it's right or not, reality. Make sure you have no bugs in the credit report.

# 2. Go to the collision coverage … if you dare
No, seriously, if you have a car that is very old or does not have a very expensive expense then it goes out. You can use the money you would save to buy a new car.

# 3. Shop around
Ghost. It's not obvious, but there is really no excuse on the Internet that you can not spend one or two hours if you get other quotes or make some phone calls.

# 4. High deductible
Many people do not like to do this, but you risk a bit and you can get out of your pocket if you're in an accident. This might be like gambling, but it's worth checking out.

# 5. Low mileage discounts
Some companies actually give you a discount if you do not drive a lot. So if you work closely or just do not really lead you to often, ask your provider if you have some discount. It can be a pleasant surprise.

# 6. Ask
Things have changed. Prices change. They will not be called. You have to call them.

These are all simple things, but if you only take some time to understand a few, there may be more bucks at the end of the year.

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