His eyes were deep, dark circles. She said, "I have not slept for weeks." I asked him why. He explained that it was because "everyone stressed". He was stressed by his work and the stress of children. She was sent to driving one hour for all the way to work, and her boss "drove crazy." He saw his stress alive.

People all the time have stories like me telling me that stress has a negative impact on their lives. Stress is a killer. It's all about headaches and digestive problems to reproductive and even heart disease. Stress has been shown to be both mentally and physically old and can kill us over time.

When you're stressed, your body releases stress hormones. These hormones may cause inflammation in the cardiovascular system and, if not ignored, may affect the immune system, metabolism and other body systems. Bruce McEwen, head of the neuroendocrinology laboratory at Rockefeller University, says: "Generally, these substations generally help in body adaptation, but if they rise chronically, wear and tear wear."

Let's look at the stress types. The first type is acute or short-term stress. This is the so-called flight or combat reaction where the brain produces chemicals that accelerate the body and make it more effective. This is the type of stress that you experience when you pull another car out of the car that suddenly hits the brakes. This is sometimes called anxiety.

The positive form of acute stress is known as eustress. You experience this stress when you get a job promotion, get married, or buy a new home. These events are desirable, but just like stress, eustress can equally tax the body, and if it comes with other stressors, it can also have negative results for our health.

The second type of stress is chronic or long-term stress. Although acute stress is caused by the same type of stressors, this kind of stress can cause physical problems. Chronic stress occurs when you do not leave stress.

So how can we reduce our stress? Here are the seven ways to cope with stress.

first They admit that some stress is good.

Some stress is good. The stress of an athlete is immediately abandoned before he leaves the starting blocks. The tense feeling you feel is giving you a deadline that will give you the promotion you do not want. The energy you get when you see an old friend or a lover. This stress gives you the power to increase your performance at just the right moment. Using this wisdom, this kind of tension allows you to make the least of a bit harder. Stress to your friend!

2nd Avoid Stress Infeed People

Over-stressed people are infected with stress streaks and are uncontrolled. Soon before you know it, it's infected too!

If you know that Charlie was always stressed during the first month of the month, when he demands his report, avoid it. If Sara always complains about how busy she is and how her kids behave crazy, avoid it! Protect yourself from stress recognition and limit the connection with them. Or if you have the willingness, play a stress doctor and teach them how to deal better with yourself.

3rd Model of relaxed people

Modeling is a way of making yourself the type of person you want. So it is a model of calm people who think that they naturally handle stress. When people around you lose their heads, who rests? What are they doing differently? What are their attitudes? What do they say to others? What do you say to themselves? Are you prepared for stress management? What experience did you have? You can watch them or even better, sit down and talk to them. Ask them to accept the things that seem to make everyone else strained. Learn the best and the model of what they are doing.

4th Breath, Really Breathe

As a martial arts teacher, I can assure you, you can not stay calm unless you control your breathing. When new students begin to fight (in a very controlled fight), they will inevitably keep their breath and soon their faces will be red, sweating generously, and within minutes they will be breathing. Does that sound like under stress? Well, the good news is that you can breathe simply by breathing techniques. Focus your breath in your stomach and then press the air completely. Breathe slowly to a fourth, keep your breath five digits, then breathe eight. Repeat the 4-5-8 breath for a minute and your heart rate slower, your sweaty palms dry and things become normal.

To learn more about breathing regulation, take a trained martial arts teacher or a yoga teacher. I teach Tai Chi and other breathing arts, so if you call in San Diego, call me. In addition to assisting in breathing, this type of action definitely helps to reduce stress.

5th Removing Stress from Your Thoughts

Sometimes you hear yourself say "If this happens, then this can happen and then both the stream!" Then, when you look a few days later, you find yourself without stress without reason? Of course, we all. Most of these things will never happen. So why waste all your energy unnecessarily worried?

Now that does not mean you do not think about the problems. Good planning means thinking about different options and then the best action process. But after you make your decision, look at it and I trust that if you have to make another decision, you can do it.

This kind of thought gives FEAR (false proof that Real becomes probable) If you find that these thoughts need stress, you can gain control. Look at what it is and make the decision to focus on what you want, but about this kind of fears.

As many of us have been programmed to focus on the negative rather than the positive ones to try meditation or hypnosis. These activities help you to know the focus. If you are in San Diego, call me. Stress management is one of the things that Total Mind Therapy can surely help.

6th Know what to stop

They all have different trigger points. Presentations, interviews, meetings, difficult feedback, tight deadlines, tight budgets, child classes, traffic jams. My heart rate just describes the description!

Make your own list of stress points or hot spots. Clarify. Is it just a performance for a certain audience to get ready? Is this a project that causes more stress than the other? Did you drink too much coffee?

If you know what causes stress, there is strong information, because if you know what the reason is, you can take steps to be less stressful. Do you have to learn some new skills? Need more resources? Do you have to talk to your puppy teacher? Do you have to change tobacco smoke?

7th Take care of yourself

Sleeplessness, bad nutrition and exercise do not cause damage to our bodies or our heads. If you only get a five-hour sleep for a night, you will double your chances of dying a heart attack. The same applies to quick meals for eating and for forgetting. Just as your car needs good fuel, you need the right nutrition to make your body work properly. Just as your car needs regular maintenance, your body needs physical activity to keep it in good shape. If you really want to reduce your stress, look at your lifestyle because these things are in your control.

Let's take a quick look. First remember that some stress is good for you. Secondly, keep the infected stress away. Third, find the calm people and model their behavior. Fourth, learn to breathe, really breathe. Fifthly, focus on what you want. Sixth, understand the things you're reacting to and the seventh, take care of yourself. There are seven easy ways to help deal with stress.

The bad news is that stress is always between us. The good news is that there are now some easy ways to cope with it. You find inner peace. You just have to know what's hindering your way, and you work on removing obstacles, or you're trying to fool you into a mountain cave or an abandoned island. The choice is always yours.

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