Here are some exercises that will help you alleviate

the tension. Otherwise, they are great exercises

If you can't sleep!

What happens when we are under tension?

Our body triggers a "fight or escape" reaction – a

is a natural reaction to a perceived threat. It generates

extra adrenaline to give us energy to solve it

with the threat. It also thickens the blood to stop us

bleed faster if we are injured during the fight

or escapes, and lifts some muscles to protect

ourselves more effectively. We can't control this –

is absolutely natural and instinctive.

In ancient times, when we were in danger, we used the extra

energy in the fight against danger, or ran, but

We cannot do this in modern times.

The causes of stress or tension often occur in modern times

from the office or home – unreasonable boss, a

relationship breakdown, new job or death in the family.

In these cases, we are not physically removing the danger

fight or flee. As a result, we do not disperse a

adrenaline, or let our blood open – our body

remain in a stand-by state to deal with

What is the impact of this?

This constant standby state leads to voltage over time

headache, stiff neck and shoulder, stomach upset, back

pain and other stress symptoms

What can we do about this?

When we are under physical threat, the body is naturally timing

lifts some muscles to protect himself. basically

curves and clusters to protect vulnerable areas

and expose the better protected.

Remember – the body responds to stress just as it does

responds to the perceived threat. So when we're under stress

naturally tries to react in the same way. Until we do

usually does not curl in the middle of the ball

meets when we are under tension, the same muscles they would be

Allow Us to Be Tensed
[19459013] We strive to grasp

  • We tend to clamp our jaws
  • We tend to accumulate
  • Our chest tends to close
  • Our arms tend to stick to our side
  • by fist
  • Our feet tend to close
  • Our knees tend to put together
  • Our feet tend to put together, so our feet point.
  • So how can these muscles be alleviated?

    Muscles tend to withstand external pressure

    . Try it: relax on your wrist and in your hand on a table, palm

    upward. His fingers are waving inward. You with something

    on the other hand, tries to straighten his fingers. You'll

    feels resistance and if you let go you will have your fingers

    returns to their original position. We have to find it

    is another way to relax the muscles.

    Each joint of our body is supported on both sides of the muscles.

    . This allows us to move the community around

    . Moving the muscles in one direction

    in the opposite direction in which we move

    to relax to allow movement. For example: if we are

    bend our knees to the muscles at the top of our upper leg

    must rest to allow movement. If they don't relax

    our feet would stay straight

    8 relaxation exercises:

    To relieve tense muscles under stress

    move the affected joints in the opposite direction

    for the response to natural hazards

    Here are some relaxation practices for releasing tension:

    1. Try moving your forehead or hair backward
      on top of your head – the opposite of the eyebrows. can help
      imagine that you are stroking your forehead backwards
      to the top of your head and to the back of your neck
      – but you're not really doing stoking.
    2. Open your mouth as wide as you can, hold and hold
    3. Press and hold the shoulder, hold and hold
    4. Pull up your arms and connect your hands over you
    5. Open your hand as much as possible, hold and hold
    6. Drive back and roll your knees outward. There is no need
      for a great move – just a few millimeters
      needed to soothe the inner thigh muscles
    7. Straighten your knees to open your hips
    8. Point your toes down as far as you can. Hold and hold

    The ideal way to learn exercises is to lie

    flat on your back. Once you have your voice, you can

    at any time, sitting at the table, waiting for one

    is waiting in queue. Wherever there are some

    moments to wait.

    Good luck and remember: if we don't do anything else

    we get the same results!

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