Here is a "visual squash" & # 39; to redefine his mind in order to take effective steps towards his goals.

first Imagine what you are now. It includes all its strengths and weaknesses. Imagine yourself with all its features and current habits, problems, thoughts, and common emotions. The more you can imagine exactly how you are now, the better.

2nd Imagine if you are going to solve all your challenges and problems. Make it very clear how you behave, how you behave, dress, walk, talk, if your dream life is your ideal self. Enjoy these feelings by using all your senses to imagine this dream as your own version.

3rd Release your arms and pretend to have a visual image on each hand. Make sure you have space between your hands. This space represents all the things you need to do to install the beliefs, activities, and scenes you need to be the ideal of yourself. You may be in your current left hand and imagine a picture of your ideal on your right hand.

4th Begin to imagine a series of logical sequenced events or movie scenes that you should pass to get in from your current self to your ideal self. Set the individual scenes, the pictures per image, and make the necessary changes in order to promote the ideal of my evolution during the change.

5th If you have a dozen stairs for the evolving development in front of you and you can see these scenes between your hands, you slowly bring your hands together. Then he slowly folds his hands together and folds his fingers. While doing this, imagine yourself having a single picture of all the scenes. Take a big breath as you do, and let the energy of the new feeling marinate and circulate on your body.

6th Fold your hands into your body and pull this feeling of exercise into your body. Leave this new sense of well-being and your idealized self to pass on and replenish your body. Imagine being so warm in color that is inside. Pull it away from your stomach and you will imagine that it is on your head and toe tips.

7th The feeling that comes from this reprogramming reflection is now being improved and expanded. Imagine how you feel this new feeling of your ideal self enlarged and intensified to make it ten times stronger. Leave this feeling to cover all your cells, muscles, bones and blood, as it is possible that the blood vessels are going through.

8th If you feel this great new feeling, start imagining yourself to take the steps you imagined to be between your handshake. If you felt that you were beyond these feelings, start one or more of the steps that are necessary to move toward the ideal of me.

After you've taken an action step, you are on the way to creating new neural routes that will also enable you to abide by the supportive habits and activities that fulfill your goals.

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