During preparation for the holidays, it is easy to feel overload and stress. After all, much has to be done and lots of details – main and minor – for organizing and overcoming: There are candidates who are to be bought (and packed!); decorate at home; the food to be prepared; the relative belongs (think my mother!). The list's legs are infinite.

Yet, there are countless tasks and only 24 hours a day to do them, how is it that the pre-holiday stress does not leave your ugly head down and do not stretch it out? After all, stress is inevitable … right?

Well, maybe not. You can have a voltage-free signal if you have the right means and the right way of thinking. Here are 8 ways to enjoy your vacation – without highlighting them.

-> 1. Look for pennies.

Image: Kids begged for the latest Nintendo Wii; your sister refers to a Prada bag; your husband wants a new golf club … The "gimme" factor has grabbed him and the I-gotta-has-list goes on and on.

Sure, it feels good to spend the hard earned cash on your loved ones. But when the Visa account appears in your mailbox, the emotional factor fades from the darker, terrible fear: "How the hell do I have to pay for this?"

The secret – which is not really secret – is to capture yourself financially; so that it does not blow the grid at the same time. To stay within the budget and do not exceed your assets. The recent or greatest condensation is not tough, and disappointment for your friends and family is the last thing you want. But stay awake night, worry about how you will fund your holiday spending spree much worse.

The stress-free solution: Although gifts bought at the store are a surely easy way out, the temptation of home-made gifts never goes out of style. And the feeling of good feeling? Priceless. (For the cunning inspiration see http://www.Michaels.com ).

-> 2. Get out of the buffet!

Dinner and drinking on the holiday gethategers in December may look natural like snow. But exaggeration involves a high price tag: weight gain.

In order to avoid filling the holiday season (and not talking about bedding on the king's bed), avoid excessive damage such as plague. This does not mean that you should refrain from all good food. No way! Just do not use the holidays as an excuse to go mother! The key? moderation; moderation; moderation.

The stress-free solution: There is a small, but satisfying, pre-snack – a fat-free yogurt container; a 100 calorie pack of microwave popcorn or oatmeal; 10 almonds; a cheese stick – to prevent the dessert table attack. (Multiple nutrition tips and charts – including daily fitness and calorie intake / diet counters –
: http://www.fitday.com .)

-> 3. Plan ahead.

If you, like most Americans, buy most of the festive gifts at the last minute, you do not mind. Not only split-second purchases are gaining in crowded stresses – not to mention bad decisions – it adds more money than anticipating it and commencing the pre-holiday business day.

It's not possible to reverse the clock (who does seriously think he's buying snow shoes in September?), But that does not mean he can not plan ahead next year. As soon as the pitcher is thrown away and the lights have stopped, reach post-season sales and gather opportunities for upcoming events throughout the year – birthdays, anniversaries, wedding and baby showers, holiday gifts, and so on. You will be happy.

The stress-free solution: Buy online! Although you can not find serious bargains, do not worry: the savings you sober are worth the price. (For occasional non-shopping shopping solutions, see: http://www.gifts.com )

-> 4. Shop off-peak.

If you need to reach the shopping center on December 24 – and do not say that you have not been warned – do it yourself and go to peak time. According to my cousin Sarah, who is looking for a 300-yard canyon, the best time to get into shopping malls is between 16.30 and 18.30 – a confectionery! I tried (on the black Friday not less) and discovered that although it was not a ghost town, the pre-dinner shopping center was quite quiet.

A stress-free solution: Use the pasta to think outside of the box (or mall, as the case may be).

-> 5. Take care of your expectations.

For many of us, the holidays can be emotionally annoying, so excited is the cheerful, cheerful and warm (happy breed, not Queer Eye for Straight Guy). But not everyone feels like dancing in the yule's diary during the holiday season, especially if a sad event, tragedy or loss occurred in the family (death, divorce, divorce, etc.).

The stress-free solution: Keeping your eye on the prize – thank you for your health; a home; full work; a supportive family and friends – is less likely to feel "less" than "because your life is not all roses, sunshine and smiling faces (which are certainly overvalued)."

6. Harmony (or at least false). ] Holidays usually bring families together – which is not always a good thing, especially if your family is Osbourne, like Osmond But that's okay No family is perfect and you do not have to

At the same time, holidays are not the time to overflow emotional or if you have a prostitute on Aunt Blanche ____ (you can choose to commit a crime) there is no rule that you can not keep it for yourself Daytime is not Jerry Springer Stage In other words, backward

The stress-free Solution: Avoid clashes of the emotional family – at least until the ink drops are dropped

-> 7. Delegate tasks

Sure, hog y Everyone thinks they are superheroes – and in many ways. But that does not mean that you have to make a holiday purchase, close the gifts, clean the house, break it down, clean the dinner, and it must stay in a lively festive mood at the same time. You deserve some help!

Assistance is one of the ways of helping. But around you tell what you expect from them – what you need – often the most effective way to do things.

The stress-free solution: "Do not ask, do not tell" does not work in the army and will not work during the holiday season. Ask. Tell!

-> 8. Add a little pleasure.

Headless chicken run like headless chicken does not serve any purpose than you feel … headless chicken. In addition, there is a better way to prepare for holidays. How about you really enjoy them for change?

Of course, raising your feet and enjoying sledging is easier said than done, especially when the list of tasks is Santa's rival. But there is one way: Try to enjoy the vacation preparation process.

For example, instead of diligently plotting the list of holiday cards, do some festive music (my choice: James Taylor at Christmas), grab a hot bowl and a pen and start writing. Before you know, the list will be full and you really enjoyed the process. What a concept!

The stress-free solution: Connect the internal Mary Poppins and think about it: "All the work you need to do / Have a fun item / Find fun and snap! / Work a game!" Hey, if he worked for Mary …

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