For each student in high school mathematics, the first homework assignment for each academic year was featured in a 9-item "interest archive". This special interest set is a self-evaluation tool that invites students to reflect their past experience.

The students agreed that answering questions with 9 questions was a good change in the typical "What is my favorite / and I certainly felt good in reading my student answers!" Right in the beginning of the school year is a very good way to to get a bigger picture (even a bit bigger picture) of each student

For teachers, the set of interests provides good initial information about the students' strengths and weaknesses. In fact, I think this questionnaire asked some students to speak personally with their strengths and interests and more information on the learning style

Here's the 9-item inventory I've always asked students to answer all the questions and say their answers in full sentences What's your favorite activity or object in school? Why? What's the least is it a favorite? Why

2. What subjects are difficult for you? What causes the most difficult one?

3. If you knew anything you wanted, what would you like to know? Please be specific. (For example: meteorology, sci-fi writing, architecture, cooking, carpentry, film making, etc.)

4. If people find something that you know a lot about the topic? If you could design a terrain, where would it be? Why?

6. I study ____ with another person

I learn ____ in a small one

I'm studying ____ in a large group.

7. What will help you learn? (For example, hand experience, silently reading, writing notes, loud reading, etc.)

8. What projects – or past school assignments or out of school – are you most proud of? Why?

9. Think of a great teacher you were. Write down what this teacher was so fantastic.

A student knew a lot about the horses and gave me unsolicited questions throughout the year (such as the definition of riding styles and saddles) and everything and in contests. I got to know him a little better than the math class that helped him in the math class.

Another student is proud to announce El Noche to win the local Petco Hamster Derby! I had to ask about this because I never heard of Petco Hamster Derbies. Fortunately, he described how he did his workout in one of the corridors in his home.

The student who answered "I want to learn how to draw faces" is now a student at LaGuardia High School and Art and Performing Arts College. Without questioning at the beginning of the school year, I wondered how long it took to spot the very artistic tendencies of very quiet students … maybe in the spring of the year when I learned geometry and told me I like how I used different colors to help highlight some angles, pages, etc.

Questions 3, 4, 5, and 8 all the time gave me the most smiley answers. The 9 questions mentioned above were used in class 6, but generally every question is a great reflection question that requires much more relevant information than your favorite colors / foods / sports / etc.

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