The mantras are voices that "form" the unformed material of the universe. Sanskrit mantras are well-transformed. Every word, syllable, or phrase has been designed for transformation, higher order thinking, and defense as we create our reality together. Mantras are a way to get in touch with the Creative Spirit and actively participate in the creation process as a co-author.

The mantras have the same effect on the transformation of their vibrations. And those who are through the enlightenment know that when we change our vibrations, we change our lives. Our vibrations are tuned to the frequency of unconditional love. This is because mantras have creative power, and creative power is in the voice of unconditional love.

Through practice and mantra mantras, we discover that words have the strength because it is written: "It was the beginning …" And from this we know that Source Energy is no different from the word. Even the word of the mantra has a deeper meaning in the sense of transformation, vibration, creation, and liberation. The word mantra means "a mental device or a mindset that liberates the common mind".

This is an interesting and impressive picture of how powerful mantras are. Because mantra is the tool of thought, and we know that if we change their thoughts, we change our reality, it is quite understandable that mantras have transformational power. Additionally, a mental device aligns a mantra with the truth that Source Energy is no different from the word. The mantra words, sounds, and syllables are the tools of thought that transform the mind. By transforming the mind, we transform reality. Because it is in Kybalion

"Mind is Mind, the Universe Is Mental".

When we look at the "liberating power" of mantras, we now understand how mantras can work for enlightenment. It is conditioned for the mind. Knowing the mental transmutation taught by Kybalion, we know the importance of higher order thinking.

The mantras release the mind and we are able to cross our common thoughts. Thoughts of common thoughts such as shelter, food and clothing. The mantras work on the transcendental level that comes to the core of our soul and why we are here. And this is a higher order thinking and preparation for mental transmutation, as indicated in Kybalion

Accordingly, these powerful voices, words and phrases release us from the "monkey approach" and open our divine minds or lifestyle to Infinite Intelligence. With this liberation, as we are in our time, we are spontaneously aligned with the Creative Spirit and manifest in our reality beauty, light and love. Yes, we are released from the limited thinking of the "ape-mind".

With the Sanskrit mantras, these mantras outgrow the limits of our left-brain thinking and open the creative flow of the right brain; so we are created spontaneously without "overemphasizing", as some are called or through processing, as others call it. The "monkey mind", which is only a low vibration and less consciousness, is under the Lifestyle. Living that creates thoughts opens the vibration of Mantra. For example, the Aha mantra opens the vibration that adjusts to the frequency of faith and faith; restoring confidence in the creation process.

Chanting mantras are a wonderful gift when we open our hearts and minds to them. Sanskrit mantras spontaneously authorize us and spontaneous empowerment that becomes powerful companions through enlightenment.

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