The purpose of choosing souls by God is to marry two wives with Christ, the heavenly and earthly Jerusalem; to rule him over the nations forever; as well as lost in hell. Blessings forever love the Father and the Son and reward them for their work. The lost are also punished to varying degrees. The Lord declares that those who know the will of the Lord are multiplied with stripes and with those who have little to do. The Lord warns us of eternal and unbreakable fire, tears of tears and weeping, and of the worm that will not die. Since he speaks of different degrees of pain, we should not think that tears only cry and mourn. He does not say that. This means tears cry and lick each other in varying degrees. But the soul flame will surely be there, witnessing the rich man and the story of Lazarus. [Exodus33:19]. 19 I will be gracious to whom I will have mercy, quoted in Romans 9, and I have elaborated with the history of Pharaoh and the potter's comparison that one dish produces a fair dish and shame; skeptics and skeptics use the God of injustice. And this is exactly what Paul says, who should question the justice of God. Let's see and understand that the Lord called these words to Moses after the Israelites made the gold band and deceived themselves. As far as Pharaoh was concerned, he kept his heart stuck all the time, and only after a certain time said that God hardened Pharaoh's heart. It was too late for him.

In this context, I would like to quote Calvin, who argued that if God did not choose anyone, then we would all go to eternal hell. Just like the old Israelites, we all get corrupted and no one understands, no one looks for God as the psalm says. This is a terrible situation. This also shows that hell has no predestination. We are all to hell and God gives us a chance to save them. Therefore, listen to him and obey the repentance and call to repentance

. Now the Church, the bride of Christ, was chosen, before the earth and all other things, from Adam and from Eve to Noah, from Noah to Abraham, and from Abraham to Pentecost, and after the Rebellion these people chose the foundation of the earth. The other difference is that Christians have the Holy Ghost residence, and others have the Holy Spirit on them. But everyone has to be born again to escape. This is what Christ calls earthlike things to Nicodemus. David was born again and confirmed it by the words to whom he blessed, whose sins were forgiven, whose sins were disguised. "

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