Are you ever pushing too much to do too many things at once? Do you feel too many lists of endless tasks? If you have not found it yet, let me introduce the Abraham-Hicks Placemat Process. This is an amazing solution to the "too much to do and we do not have enough time for this" problem.

The idea is that you can only do that. Go over it and do it all. The work is done meticulously and comes back to haunt. She may be sick of excessive work, so she can not do more.

We all and everyone else have a responsibility, and that responsibility is to take care of ourselves. The Placemat Process helps us do this.

How does it work?

first Take one piece of paper, approximately the size of the paper feeder (that is, the name that comes from it) or any other large size to the list of things to do

. Divide it into two sides, left and right.

3rd On the left, write: The things I'm going to do today.

4th On the right you write: Things I'll Turn to the Universe

5. Then select some things you definitely need to do from the list and enter it in the column. Make sure you only respond as much as you can conveniently do in the right time

. Put the list in the other columns.

7th Perform the tasks on your side.

8th Enjoy completing the list of things to do.

ninth Make sure the objects evaporate or take care of the other side.

10th Repeat the next day.

Stress is almost immediately reduced and you can return the fun to actually do the things you need to do and a performance that's terribly outperforming you as you overcome the traditional, never-ending, ever-expanding list.

You can read more about the Abraham-Hicks Place Mat process and many other useful processes in the books of Jerry and Esther Hicks, especially "Ask and Give." [19659002] And as you continue this place in the mat, you'll find that wonderful things happen. According to Abraham, things that are turned toward the universe may become faster than those you have assigned to you. Obviously, you do not have to do everything. So you too, and it takes time to enjoy your life. You will find that it also gives you a lot of stress relief.

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