Anomalies of anger are indeed a problem in the 21st century. As a fair bee competition, mankind is essentially fragile and sensitive to emotions. For each type of emotion, the person struggles with it because the emotion itself can seriously affect its reasonably thoughtful ability. One of the best-known emotions for man is anger that is directly related to the psychological interpretation of man, denied, hurt or violated, and in many cases, the retaliation of anger results (which often include violence or some form)). This type of emotion is a state of anger disorder (periodic explosion hazard or IED), a person whose anger cannot be controlled. People with anger often struggle to moderate or calm down, and in many cases they have blasting angels that cause an event (such as one case).

There are several types of anger systems, and each has its own detail and difference. On the one hand, there is a passive-aggressive behavior that is linked to the struggle of the sufferer to suppress anger from the inside, and as it always comes out unconsciously, it is often called "lateral anger." Some examples of this special disorder being sarcastic or critical to the other, or a question that can be interpreted as a statement. There is also a total fall of anger, which includes the suffering being not mentally angry, but his body does not go inside the mind. During this period, the sufferer is often tired of most of the time (which is the result of keeping the anger inside the body), often inclined to suffer from normal people, and from time to time other depressive disorders

Other anger disorders include anger dependence which then occurs when the outbreak of anger goes through a repetitive cycle, and in many cases the sufferer may feel some relief when anger is released. Finally, there is the occasional anger eruption in which the suffering is moderately frequent and the disorder refers to an aggressive gesture (examples: fingers, cold staring at other people, cheating the door instead of gently knocking), verbal abuse (inviting people to name) , criticizing others, even if there is no justification and accusing people of crimes), violent reactions against others (shouting friends, family members, and others). All in all, anger abnormalities are signs of an abnormally aggressive, violent and even self-destructive behavior. In order to cure the sufferer in the most humane way, it is best to learn anger techniques where they gather together with an expert from other patients who will do their best to reach deep into each area, and deal with the very triggers of anger. The process takes time and the sufferer tries to open it, but in many cases anger treatment is still in operation. Know this, anger anomalies can heal.

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