Anger is different types and can be categorized. Recognizing the classification of anger, you can handle it in the long run.

first Behavioral anger: When a person experiences a behavioral anger, he or she usually faces the object that angers them, which is usually another person. Physical injury can follow verbal selflessness. These characteristics of behavioral anger

2. Chronic Fury: A person suffering from chronic anger is not always a rational explanation of why he is always angry. Such people hate the world that they live, hate themselves, hate each other, and fly through the deepest motivation to the hervor.

3. Constructive anger: A person who engages in anger by engaging in anger on a constructive path like self-development has inhumane anger. This is often the result of self-help and anger management courses.

4th Intentional anger: When a person deliberately poses as he has anger, things are often like controlling subordinates, this type is called intentional anger. This is usually a false dictation of anger, but occasionally other forms of anger may also occur. Intentional anger also quickly leaves, especially when faced.

5th Judgingal Anger: People who suffer such anger tend to persecute other people in front of the gatherings to try to look themselves.

6th Wasting anger: As its name suggests, this anger exists when emotion really comes to the root of a man. People who are overwhelmingly angry simply can not withstand the situation and often find the devastating tools of self-violation or of physical harm to other people. Paranoid anger: The paranoid form of anger is absolutely indispensable. People often get crazy, imagine someone's against it. This is called paranoid anger.

8th Passive anger: This is a bit angry, where the experienced person does not directly show his anger. Instead, he rather mocks in his eyes, angry with him.

ninth Retaliatory anger: this is because of another man's own anger. When he defends self-defense in anger, this is called a refusal of anger.

10th Self-Destructive Fury: There is a person who is angry with himself, he punishes himself if he causes pain to his own body. This is a common phenomenon with drug addicts.

eleventh Verbal anger: here is the only damage that occurs, verbal abuse with other people. This can often be the beginning of other forms of anger.

12th Awesome anger: It can range from mild anger to absolute anger and as suddenly as it comes. Intensity and time depend on how the individual directs control


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