What is the anger? The dictionary is a strong sense of discrimination and antagonism in general.

When we feel angry, we feel as if they were broke, they would be betrayed, hopeless. We feel like something is bigger than us and we can not do anything. Anger can be caused by external events such as a colleague, a resigned meeting or an internal problem or memory of the past.

I raised that I thought the anger was bad, so I stole a lot of anger my whole life until I finally I do not understand that like all other feelings, anger is not good and not bad. We can experience healthy anger or toxic anger.

Bradshaw says, "There is no limit without anger, anger is to give a sensible human being a fair feeling that can, if necessary, say" no. "If someone exploits our mood, we can express our anger, this can be a sign of healthy self-esteem
On the other hand, if we can not express our anger because we are afraid to reject this sign of low self-esteem. If we can not express our anger, we either suppress it or else we can boast or try to dissolve or shout or punch things

What is the best way to deal with anger?

* The first thing to realize is that anger is conscious. "Yes, I'm aware of anger." In order to identify the feeling, You must know it.

* Accept your own anger, some people or situations can contribute to this feeling, but you have decided to m and feel emotional anger.

* Think of the real causes of anger. I have learned that sometimes when I feel angry, there are other unresolved issues. On the other day I was very angry at a person, and then realized that my anger was not about his questions. My anger was that I refused. Sometimes anger is the mask of fear, because it is important to ask questions.

* For me the best way to liberate anger is to solve the inner question. Depending on the event. If I want to be sure, and I have to tell the other about my anger, I'll do it. Whenever I express my anger, I use "I" for you. "I feel very angry …………" ..

If there is a concealment problem, I will ask questions. Shouting and sitting things and 10-mile running will not help lift the cause of anger.
Anger gives us the opportunity to express ourselves. By reflecting on and transforming our anger, working on the underlying questions, or the humiliating difficulties, we create a healthy self-esteem.

"Like anger, it's like grabbing a hot coal with the intention of throwing it to someone else, and you're the one who burns." Buddha

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