The way in which the mental state of the inner peace is kept is that it is peaceful and aware of how to avoid anger. The word of counseling just because it works to keep the inner peace does not mean that people will not get nervous and it does not mean that you will never get nervous. If you're in a situation and you feel like you're startled, you need to know how to get the situation and handle your anger. Here are some tips that will help you stay calm when someone gets to your nerves. Ways to Manage Your Anger

# 1 Wait until you answer: If someone starts to nerve and gives you language before you do it, take a minute and consider what the right answer is. When it takes time to respond, you give yourself enough time to calm down and respond peacefully.

# 2: Do not Answer: When you talk to someone, make sure you wait for them to talk before you comment. If you do not like what the other person says and it's annoying, you do not have to answer it. The better answer is just a smile.

# 3: Stay away from trouble: Do not mess with troublemakers, because trouble-makers love strife. If you go around people who keep chaos going, there will be no peace. Make sure you are surrounded by peaceful people. If you do not find peaceful people alone.

# 4: Smile More:
Focus on all things that smell during the day, not all things that are upset. If you focus on things that smile, you smile all day, do not get angry and nervous.

Harassment Management Practice
Try this practice to help raise your smiling number each day: Write a list of 50 things that smell. This can be a joke, the names of the special people in your life, your favorite places for vacation, etc. A daily review of at least one item out of the list and smile.

Guess what? It focuses on everything that smiles all day; you smile all day, and when you smile, you experience inner peace and joy

Similarly, you focus on everything you find all day nervous; he will be angry and wrinkle his forehead all day, instead of feeling inner peace and joy.

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