Anger can be a very useful emotion. If you are motivated to do something positive and change your life, you have an energetic purpose. However, if anger slows down and lasts, and you feel the negative effects, after it serves the purpose of your life, it may become toxic. It is important to release anger, not for the sake of the person he is angry with, but in order to respect his life and the idea of ​​deserving the life of peace and joy. Here are 4 steps to get rid of anger over others:

1. Let yourself feel the full effect of your anger toward the person. Experience the feeling in your body, feeling in your stomach, shoulder, jaw. Remember the negative energy, then make a conscious decision to release the anger for your own benefit.

2nd Allow the person to make the most of the tools he could work with. Some people are struggling to survive or survive or deteriorate others, which is unfortunate. However, by looking at the person of the trying person, but not having the various means, it can help the betrayal or the behavior to be less personally oriented and rather to his mistakes.

3rd Imagine getting rid of the person you are angry with the universe that God makes available to him. Imagine that you also release the responsibility for punishment.

4th Believe that you are really where you are, right now, as the sum of all your experience. Start looking at the benefits of your experience.

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