Here are five ways to take control of anger and your life. No more emotions. Follow these steps to find inner peace through various easy exercises

1. Start the Journal – Write your feelings and then release them. After you get the paper, tell yourself that you're going through the emotions and the right. In general, only getting out of consciousness and paper will help you get rid of your mind.

2nd Focus on Breathing – Some breathing exercises help you to calm down. If you can not check the situation, direct your breathing. Force yourself to breathe in certain numbers and keep your breath for specific calculations. It is important to keep your breath and then miss it. The tension you feel from the "angry situation" is released by the breathing voltage.

3rd Take some kind of exercise – Some people who belong to me have been born with abundant energy. If this unnecessary energy is not used to positive aspirations, it can crumble and explode with the slightest intellectual resistance at the moment. Another name. We lose control and are angry. This accumulated energy shouts and screams and shakes things in minutes. Relax this stress and increase tension by getting out and exercising. Daily moderate or intense workouts take the bite of the bark. I started to run and put my anger on the sidewalk and not on my children. Let me take it when it's physically exhausted, it's hard to get angry. Too much energy

. Illustration of better encounters – (see yourself in an affectionate and peaceful way). The art of visualization. Take the time to imagine yourself with peaceful and happy encounters in situations that usually lead you to cross the edge. There are exercises, but the more you see in yourself what you do in your mind, the more you will be able to model and act what you are doing. Do this if you feel good about just before going to bed and getting up in the morning. I found that just a momentary visualization of the bed and before you started the day, it was much quieter to me to calm down

. Confirming Reinforcement Confirmation – Confirmation or Mantra – The visualization technique and a new statement, together with self-improvement and liberation of anger, are hand in hand. The more you get your body and soul than you want it to be, the faster the changes will take place. So, repeat the daily statements, for example, "I'm better and I'm better and I'm happy in the day," or "I've been feeling good, I've felt good today" or "I enjoy this peaceful feeling. I Am. "

Let us unite ourselves if we see ourselves acting out these statements and writing them as if they were actually in their diary and leading us to the Angry-Free Road.

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