Anger is a strong negative feeling of negligence. Others are called anger, anger, anger, or anger. Generally, anger is devastating, because it is about to hurt that thought of anger.

In angry negative and destructive state of mind. It is often disastrous if someone does not handle it. There is nothing you can do when anger arises, but watch and feel your emotions so that anger does not overcome your emotions.

Buddhist teachings are very effective in effective fury management. Buddhism does not keep anger right or just. Buddha's followers are obliged to purge themselves from anger. That is why Buddhism has a special teaching to deal with anger.

Among the hundreds of ways to deal with this problem, there are five of the five most important ways to deal with anger.

  1. Recognition and recognition of anger is the first step in dealing with it. The devotion is the teaching of the Buddha, which helps the anger to exist and patience to face the problem. This will lead to practical ways to eliminate anger.
  2. Practice patience. Poverty in Buddhism is one of the foundations of achieving enlightenment. You can avoid anger by exercising patience. Patience means there is tolerance. Can you examine your patience? Try to reach a long line at the end of an ATM at a weekend.
  3. Meditation and Thinking. This is the most effective way to deal with anger. When you meditate, anger stops. Meditation needs patience, effort, and continuous exercise. It does not cause sudden changes; after months or years of commitment, there will be noticeable results in practice.
  4. Be kind. If you have a warm heart that feels that you need to be helped, served, respected, and shared, you can feel a feeling that will make you happy and forever change your heart with a sense of compassion and love life is more meaningful every day.
  5. Keep away the provocative situations that make you angry. You should not be pursuing a situation that has proved to be angry, but tries to divert attention to things that can paralyze anger. Get some cool drinks to refresh and come to your cool senses.

When you begin to betray the anger, do not feed it. Do not keep it as a heartbreaking memory in your heart. You have to defeat before you override it. If you can not control anger, you can lose emotional destruction of your friends, physical loss of property, and irreversible loss of life. On the other hand, by following and following the teachings described above, your life will rest in peace and quiet.

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