Anger is a normal emotion. All of us are angry and we need to find ways to deal with ourselves when we are angry. The reasons why they are angry and varied. It helps to find out our anger if we understand what's upset about us.

There are three reasons why people react with anger to emotionally threatened emotions:

  1. Feeling – When our feelings are damaged, it is easier to engage with the anger of the emotionally wounded person than to estimate the pain. after being betrayed, he flew to the core, and the instinctive answer is overwhelming anger at the betrayed person.
  2. Embarrassing Feeling (19459006) – a way to react with anger to conceal what you feel.

For four reasons people are responding to the anger they have learned:

  1. Recurring Pattern – This is usually a pattern that is taught of people who have had a significant influence on life. Usually a parent or other adult who learns how to deal with anger. Unfortunately, some people are not good at modeling successful treatment options when they are angry. – Some people have found that they get what they want when they are angry. They angrily intimidate the other person and interrupt communication.
  2. Treatment of Control – Reacting with anger can be a defensive feeling. Again, he learned the answer that we have strong feelings that are deep inside. People who react with the usual defensive anger often do not know what they feel. Anger can reveal many other feelings. You Need Courage to Look Behind
  3. Mere Anger – may be for a variety of reasons: badly abused, upset, and / or abusive; difficulties in impulse control; or result or drug, alcohol or prescription drugs. Anyone who struggles with swollen anger can get a professional rating. If we do not find successful ways to deal with this kind of anger, you can have a negative impact on relationships.

Learning to understand what makes anger is a long way to finding ways to deal with anger. In order to successfully connect with others, it must be necessary to learn how to deal with anger by respecting oneself and others

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