If there is patience and humility, there is no anger or annoyance.

~ St. Assisi Francis

All kinds of things can cause irritability in humans, from minor traffic jams to major headaches. Sometimes he is sometimes nervous or annoyed. We all lost our patience and reacted without thinking. We have fled from anger that forces us to say and do things that are not usually. And when we lose our thoughts and feelings, our irritability and anger can cause serious damage to our love chain.

In most cases, irritability is likely to occur when we feel pressured. Therefore, one of the best tests to measure irritability is to observe how we behave when we are acting under stressful conditions or people. If we can be ruthless to others, if we are under pressure, we are likely to exercise self-control. Our patience is well controlled and good. We will not let the riot anger us or disturb our relationships. But if pressure and stress bring us the worst, then we must probably work for self-control and self-control.

If it is irritable, it is very likely that it will get angry at other times, sometimes the slightest provocation. We may become hostile and behave in ways we will regret later. Guiding thoughts, feelings, and actions when they are angry and angry are the best way to protect them from the mood.

Self-control communicates love. Can be seen when:

* Take responsibility for our activity

* Do not blame or blame our feelings

* Treat others graciously, though they annoy us

* Do not say anything offensive or unnecessary

* Do not take our wrath on those around us

* Think about things before we react

* Let us have time to gather ourselves

* Do not expect more from others than us

Love tends to self-control and good mood. Self-control and good emotion is easier than doing, especially for those who are more susceptible to irritability for various reasons. Even so, we can all learn to better control our cruelty and how we react under pressure. The irritation never ceases and does not need our love when they come.

C2007 Krystal Kuehn, BeHappy4Life.com

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