Anger is part of our life, but a good part of it? What happens when we're angry?

These are the basic questions that people have been questioning since you have questioned yourself – Anger is not a good emotion and its guidance allows you to be more satisfied and feel better.

Anger is a misconception that when it comes to a cool (not hot) environment, it's nothing but simple frustration.

Anger Management

When we're angry, blood pressure rises, our body is full of adrenaline. It is a reflex function of combat or flight, but in this case anger does not do anything to help or fight or escape.

It only destroys the immune system, enerves and distorts your judgment. So, how can anger be treated?

There are four simple steps to follow in the order.

You will see that anger melts and replaces some logical and reasonable thought that does not require leadership, but also helps to make the necessary choices.

first Countdown

It was often said that we count to ten before we are angry. This system advises you to count (backwards) from 20 to zero. Slowly, quietly, let's breathe deeply as we count backward.

2nd Pre-Occupy Yourself.

Anger, as we said, has raised your blood pressure and adrenaline is moving toward your muscles and other cells.

Tensioning With Some Physical Efforts Run on the site is good in the office. If possible, keep silent for at least 3 minutes.

At the end of the run, you can breathe hard on the spot and breathe in the many poisonings created by anger.

3rd Stop Sleep

After Step 2, sit down and relax.

Breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling in the picture below.

When inhaled, imagine that you breathe the calmness and harmony of a river stream. Cool and soothing.

When you breathe out your breath like a car exhaust that caused black smoke and soot from the toxins that have fired your body recently.

4th Become a philosopher

Repeat for yourself, "do not have to excite …" and "Let me see what happened logically".

What to do to examine the causes of anger as if it were a third party, not you.

See the causes of anger in the light and ignore what happened in person.

These four steps always work and never succeed.

His wrath disappears, and begins to see how it happened differently. If you have any problems, you will see some remedies.

If your anger is based on all kinds of betrayal, you begin to see what happened and otherwise, more rationally and logically, and naturally less egotistically.

While it cools down, the body returns to normal. It is good to remember that constant anger is seen as an antisocial feature and a sign of personal weakness.

Learn to learn your anger and keep yourself healthy, happier and more successful.

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