Sometimes parents are confused and they do not clarify where they find the problems of children in the direction of anger, especially if there are indications that the child is subjected to violence. Sometimes your parents do not want to face the fact that they themselves can be the cause of the problem.

It is sometimes difficult to judge others not to mention yourself; although things seen from the outside point of view are often much lighter and simpler than many people think. Getting children and violence against rape experiences will help parents feel emotional and guilty about their feelings that are often in such a situation.

Two reorganized organizations support and guide both parents and children where violence is involved and where the child needs to address the anger of children.

Adults and Children Combating Violence

Adult and Child Work (ACT) is a project to prevent violence against women who focuses on adults raising 0 to 8 years of age, and taught for years. They have been created to prevent violence, helping adults see positive examples and discover the skills that young children are not forced to tackle in conflict resolution, frustration management, and anger management.

This method involves a national media campaign that draws attention to the reasonable impact of parents' behavior on other adults with children; and practicing community professionals who help families together with adults to demonstrate their skills in preventing violence.

ACT prepares training manuals and compiles periodical articles, book chapters, and other publications dealing with children, violence and violence prevention issues. ACT is the collaboration of the American Psychological Association, the National Association of Young Children and the Advisory Board. The National Children's Center for Violence (NCCEV) exists to increase public and professional awareness of the results of violence against children, individuals and communities, to reduce the impact of violence.

NCCEV serves as a primary national resource center for all those who seek information on child violence issues and initiatives to address the problem, including a dynamic literature, web resources and a bibliographic database; At the same time, NCCEV provides children's and children's support to families affected by violence through co-ordination, technical assistance and consultation providing community-based childcare programs (CD-CPs), the Safe Start initiative and country-wide co-operation Community programs.

NCCEV also offers a multidisciplinary national forum to explore the latest developments in children's exposure to violence, thereby addressing children's parliamentary requirements through its advisory committee.

NCCEV was established in 1999 at the Yale Child Study Center, the US Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice and Crime Prevention (OJJDP). The United States Department of Justice has established NCCEV based on the pioneering work of the Yale Children's Learning Center CD-CP Program, which has led to an effective community policing model from a child's point of view.

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