We often hear people commenting like "It's crazy" or "It's crazy." These statements reflect the general misconceptions of anger, namely that people or events are angry at us.

In fact, people or events are not crazy; we are crazy because we demanded something we did not get. If I were to demand that another person react in a sense and not, then I'm going to go crazy. If I were to demand that a certain event be developed in some way and not, then I would be angry.

Since our anger is the result of choosing something, not how we deal with others or how events occur, we are responsible for later anger. On the surface, it looks and feels that people or circumstances "poison us", but in reality is our forbidden claim that really angered us.

For example, if I thought I was angry because other people were "crazy to me," then the solution to my anger is to change or direct these other people. We think, "I have to treat them differently." But if I see that the most desirable reasons are my wrath, then I see that my wrath's solution is to trust more in God to make things look uncontrollable and not change others.

I talked to some of my friends who used to be angry at something a business partner did. Yes, my friend was ill-abused and terribly betrayed. He desperately wanted to get rid of his anger because he knew he was "falling in love," but he did not know what to do to get rid of him.

When we spoke of their anger, it was clear that so many people I was talking to were under the false impression that her business partner had caused her anger. Because what his business partner did was obviously bad, and in his friendly life he created difficult circumstances and saw himself as a victim who had no choice but anger.

What my friend did not know did not hold it from injury to avoid anger. Her fury turned angry, because she tried to treat her with honesty and respect, and she did not.

So many people go through the days when they answer the inevitable frustrations of life and the trials of life, knee-jerking that is automatically angry. Unfortunately, they do not know that their anger is an inevitable response to blocking something that is unknowingly demanding. In an imperfect, fallen world when they demand that people act in a certain way or things develop in a certain way, it is only a matter of time before we become angry.

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