"People Who Fly in Anger Make It All Right" Will Rogers

In the spirit of emotion, anger is badly blown. Anger expressed in a healthy way can help resolve conflicts and build trust. Sometimes these misunderstood emotions are afraid, suppressed or ignored. Like all feelings, anger may have different intensity. Extreme anger, like road rage, can be potentially harmful to ourselves and to those around us. Repeated fever episodes can affect the level of stress by temporarily changing the chemical substances of our body, increasing blood pressure and increasing heart rate. Relaxing stress begins when we find solutions to difficult situations. So what is the way that consciousness works faster than language in the heat of reasoning?

Allow yourself to create space Give yourself O.K under an argument. This does not mean that exit from the conflict is absent. You are ready to say something: "I am very angry to discuss right now, I need to be restored (I need time), and I would like to discuss this date and allow me to leave a potentially explosive situation. Your decision to want to to fight, to create the need for victory, to be right and not to hear what the other person tells you, the other person may decide not to disconnect, and possibly third: re-enactment of your permission will help prevent the dive from re-entering the conflict [19659003] When walking in someone else's shoes When we feel intense anger, our minds can create "stories" about the other person involved. For example, in the conflict, let's say anger, for example, our story may include why the driver is so slow that they have ruined your day and how the driving license to get rid of them and the situation h it's just your point of view. Do you really know the truth about the driver and the causes of slow driving? Take a deep breath and walk in the shoes of another man. What can you do with them? Recovery from story-making and ego can quickly distract the situation of anger.

Time is on your side. Before experiencing stressful intense anger, making things differently can make a difference when you are in the heat of the moment. Examination of anger-related beliefs better prepares the mind to make it faster in your tongue. An example of the angry belief that "I have to get an argument, no matter what." Such conviction can be a childhood experience. Think of our faiths like the lens, how do we see the world. What would happen if you moved your mind to "Find the conflict with the outcome of the winning negotiations?" The second faith allows conflict-affected people to be more of a team than opposed to the boxing ring. Changing your faith may change your experience.

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