More than 3 million Americans search for anger every year online who help themselves or to someone who like anger. If you do not take any attitude, lips, smack, backtalk, do not let anybody get rid of something and remember that people show some respect to you … if you get up quick, apologize for a long time and almost never forget it. .. then this will be the most important article this year. Because this type of detention is a sure fire that destroys your life in the dazzling ocean of anger, and the three steps to tease your anger can turn out that the only life-saving boat will be your perfect storm.

If something happens that stops or someone does what works, remember that we all use different detection filters. We all see the same thing in another way. There is a high likelihood that a person or people who are angry do not know how to do it and do not act intentionally to anger. It's like watching 100 people on a coin, depending on where they stand, they all look at something else. Perhaps 50 people saw their tail and saw 50 of their heads, but all 100 of them looked at the same coin. We all look at the same situation with the same experience, but we have completely different views and feelings that we see and feel. Latin American ancient tribes called life lice (illusion). Do not be fooled by the illusion of perception.

Be patient! Breathe deeply and repeat it. Remove yourself from the situation and remember that we often feel too much confidence in what we think we know we have no other option or other interpretation. Think about how limited we can perceive how many things are going on around us, yet we know little of them. Take the time to calm down and then ask the person who sums up what action or words mean. Give them a chance to explain it and do not jump to conclusions or cut them down. Watch it until it's done and do not get angry. If you still feel you are betrayed, angry or frustrated, simply tell them that you feel and leave. Find quiet personal spaces that are cool and gather. If you are dealing with your children, do not pay them indiscriminately when you are angry and boil. Wait until you are calm and you still feel that you deserve violence, without aggression or violence, never make it at the moment of the moment. You always remember that you control your reactions and how you feel about other people.

Proactive formula

The emotions are powerful and when you first make your life angry, you will not be able to overcome some challenges. You may feel like you are always responding to a situation rather than proactively dealing with it. That is why Kabbalah teaches an ancient formula that anyone can use to eliminate wrath from their lives. His name simply turns to the Proactive Formula. Here's the first step …

Stop it. When you feel that the acid in the stomach will heat up, your head will warm up and your ears will be closed. Do not think, do not react. Get rid of everything and create a small space. Ask yourself whether you would like to fill the space with love or anger. If you want to enter the space, let the Brightness work for you. No matter what you call Creator, ask your Creator's love to fill the space with His Light. The second step is to let go. Let go of your usual reaction to screaming, tossing or knocking, and join the love you want to fill the small space. Recognizes that it generally responds to such a situation in a devastating way and now has a chance to be proactive; you have the chance to try something new.

The third step is to take action on your proactive feeling. You may leave the room or place the disc, instead of hanging over the wall, maybe you decide not to talk but cry. What's important is the new action is not your devastating reaction. Your proactive feelings and actions from small victories grow to great triumphs where you really laugh at things that are scary to the living being.

Put your mouth in your mouth

Your mouth is like a hundred-lane super-highway cars that deliver tons of positive and negative energy to your life and out. Things entering and leaving our mouths affect the anger. Whether you like it or not, what you say and what you eat has a direct impact on how often and how intense your anger is. For example, consuming anger under stress can lead to vapor in the bile ducts, which can cause excessive bile when you are angry. The bile becomes poisonous in the body if it is over-produced and causes stomach ulcer, cancer, depression and fatigue. But these diseases are increasing anger in your life.

What are you talking about, and the words you use, record yourself in the subconscious, and energize your environment. We all act according to our thoughts and feelings. Think about how exciting everyone is when words and atmosphere are positive. If the words in the air are negative, how difficult and intolerable it will be, and how terrible the feeling is in the room. If you want to preserve your anger, both nutrition, meditation or prayer can be considered as the most important means of success.

Meditation and prayer at the beginning of each day helps to create your intentions. How you want to behave, feel, think and act during the day. Through simple prayer and mediation, life can generate the power of miracles. You can use the power of life and love in the Universe to help proactive and overcome the angry explosions. Enjoy a rich vocabulary in sweet words, positive statements, and constructive remarks.

Food diet is also important. Avoid red meat, liqueur and fried fats. Eat healthy foods that release your colon and cool the digestive tract. Fresh vegetables and cold fruits help the brain get rid of chemicals that will delight you and make you happier. Look, we do not eat foods that you have noticed that you feel depressed or slow. And definitely stay away from the spirits that give the liver and play with emotions.

When most people hear murders and war words, they think that the conflict between countries or the innocent streets dead in the streets is dead. That's just a way to look at it. When anger hurt others, he kills them. Kill a piece of their dignity, their happiness, and worse to kill their confidence in you. When fighting fought and broke out with broken glass, it was a war. However, small and isolated, violent angry outbursts are personal wars of anger. The tiny things we do in our personal life add to the world's bigger problems. Like the Lion King's most famous songs, "This is the life span". In Western society, the saying is "What is going on around". If you get angry and violent, what do you think will come back to you, to your life, to your family, and eventually to come back to the world?

Take all three steps outlined here, with the certainty that you can control your anger without directing it. Take every step, one day at a time, and never lose sight of that wonderful anger, free life. Soon you will not only dream of a peaceful performance, but you will live.

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