Anger is very strong, but no matter how strong you are to defeat it because it is a silent killer!

How do you handle your anger? We are all human, and there are times in our lives, we just "let go" or "let go of everything," but the effects of the things said will remain longer than the feeling. It was what I saw today, the young boy was very annoyed and could no longer take it, so "they" had to give one piece. . . but after he got calm, he began to remember and meditate on the things he said and why he told them, and he was funny enough, it was so fun that he was all disappointed, and that hell was a mere walk! There were only small questions that would be corrected by a bit more communication. All this turned to bad communication! There was a lack of vital information and the whole message was no longer "sensible".

So, how can you do anger?

Let me give you some tips that can greatly help in dealing with anger. Not 100% complete evidence, but effective as man, not a robot. . .

first When you are angry and you want to give you the "mind piece", count up to 1 to 100!

2. Ask yourself: "Why am I angry? Make sure you get a satisfactory answer.

3. Ask yourself, "Is it really worth it?"

4. Ask yourself, "Who is responsible here?" . . you have to be!

5. Tell yourself "I Have a Better Thing"

Your mind will not initially accept this practice, but with the passage of time repeatedly when you are in this situation, get used to it … [19659002] Do you know to take more energy to be angry than when you're happy? Body muscles get confused and hormones are released into the bloodstream and this can lead to other harmful effects on the body … I'm not a doctor, but I know it's true. You have added that the consequences of anger are mentally condensed, you feel miserable, because you are probably causing pain to those you love! Do you want this to happen? Heck NO!

I hope I could add some things to you so that when the time comes, you can get rid of it!

In the next note I told you the miracles of happiness if anger is contagious, how much happier is it?

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