Because anger is the most dangerous emotion, anger management techniques are important.

Since they have developed, emotions are at least sometimes valuable in survival and reproduction. One of their most important functions is to narrow the emphasis, which minimizes interfering factors when a problem arises. The price we pay automatically filters out information that is inconsistent with the information, and information may be important.

In fact, the word "anger" refers to the family of related experiences. They do not differ strongly (from very slight annoyance to anger) but in other ways as well. Their purpose can be internal control or external control. It may be active (revenge) or passive (sulking). Unless they are aimed at themselves, they usually have a self-righteous or moral experience.

Anger can be useful in encouraging action. For example, you may try to correct a bad one to cure ill-treatment. Even if behavior is violent, it can stimulate a positive change.

Anger accelerates heart rate and increases blood pressure. Enhances the familiar "fight or flight" response and this response can lead to behaviors that will save your life.

Fearmoremore, anger protects us against other emotions like agony and fear. In fact, although many people poison anger, some hostile people are really angry.

In any case, it is important to learn how to handle effective anger management techniques. Anger does not really feel good. Typically, you feel tension, pressure, and heat. There is a tendency to bite hard, advance your chin forward and move toward the goal to punish or damage it.

Worse, angry can cause more suffering than it decreases. This is the most important reason why harassment techniques are important.

For example, any target targeted violence is inappropriate. The person or agent is not responsible. Moreover, even if a violent act is normal or socially accepted, it may not be ancillary or disproportionate.

Although they are often angry, the sages will never let go of anger, but rather exercise their patience. Providing you are angry and you do not want to be what to do? The best, most effective methods of harassment are:

1. Accept Responsibility for Your Situation Effective anger management techniques start with your attitude.

In the revealed emotions Paul Ekman argues that emotions have 9 different causes. Some of our motivations are shared by all but cultured-specific and individual-specific. Recurring experiences generate habits called "automatic evaluation mechanisms".

These have an evolution value. For example, when wealth is at stake, they allow you to react quickly without thinking about what to do. In a very young age, you have learned that if someone intervenes by bothering what you really want to do, sometimes you can get what you want by waking up, threatening or even attacking the person who interferes with you. You learned how angry the others and initially internalized this learning.

Your evolutionary inheritance has made this kind of emotional learning possible. Obviously, it can be adaptable during survival or reproduction.

Yet, that's just for you! It's about getting what you want. Fully self-centered. It depends on separating what is valuable to you because someone else is valuable.

Divorce is the cause of suffering. Although there is survival value, emotional separation causes suffering. No free lunch; the increased suffering is the price we pay to emotional beings. That is why we all need to learn effective harassment techniques.

Observe the structure of the experience so far described. He did some goals or other goals when someone threatened this ambition. You thought of something like this: "Someone stopped me from what I want." The sentence was immediately followed by an egocentric assessment: "That's bad for me." This refused to emit emotions or emotions. This anger was motivated by the behavior that, in this case, we imagined it, was successful because it removed the interference.

Notice that without self-centered evaluation, there would be no anger that "this is bad for me." This is the valuation that is important to her own. No one else made anger. The world did not annoy you. Something happened and reacted with anger.

2nd Identifying your emotions at the center of your situation

Harassment Techniques Solutions. Solutions require problems. What exactly is the problem you are trying to solve?

Releases an emotion. What emotion? Define clearly. Really angry?

This can be difficult. There are emotions that rarely occur in the wonderful isolation. Often, two emotions are linked to each other. For example, fear often precedes and follows anger. In addition, two emotions can alternate quickly and even mix. In addition, one emotion can stimulate the other than when you become angry, let's be afraid.

3rd Identifying the causes of anger

This can be difficult too. Harassment techniques involve the removal of anger. What causes anger in a particular case is not immediately clear.

As the example of anger may have suggested, the emotional responses you have learned may become involuntarily. It may be automatic or customary that it is very difficult to notice. Therefore, the next step is one of the most important anger management techniques.

4th Keep a written journal of anger episodes.

Every time he becomes angry, note the note in the notebook that he has made of the situation. What exactly was this? Was it accurate?

After the automatic negative assessment, how did you feel exactly? And what do you tell yourself about it now?

To learn how to handle effective anger management, you need to increase your awareness of what you feel.

5th Question for Evaluation

In any case, this can be the only one for success with the anger management techniques.

Depends on admitting this fact: Nobody knows the future. Whatever the cause of anger will have future consequences. The most important thing to note here is that the future consequences of your event that have triggered anger are (currently) unknown.

If you admitted it, please note that these consequences could be better than you might imagine. After all, how many times in the past something happened that, although you thought wrong at that time, did you find out later that you have very good offspring?

The questioning of this assessment in this way will automatically weaken it. If your current anger is not too strong, then this recognition may be enough to let go. If not, continue to the next step.

6th Attacks anger indirectly.

Anger management techniques that directly attack anger do not work effectively. When you're angry, you just say you do not feel the anger it will not help. You may feel guilty and cause another problem. Never have "feelings". Instead, it indirectly underscores them.

There are three methods of anger management that work effectively for this.

The first of these three anger management techniques is simply a simple breathing exercise. I suggest you exercise twice a day, feel emotionally or not. Each session can be short for 90 seconds! Believe it or not, once you develop this habit, it can take 90 seconds to endure all the worrisome emotions! This is a simple, surprisingly useful habit.

However, in itself, if the anger is enough, he will not let go.

The second takes a quick walk for half an hour until you are comfortable tired of physically. Try two miles in less than thirty minutes. Of course, some may not be able to walk while others are willing to replace other workouts. Regular exercise is a very good habit for many reasons. Instead, instead of concentrating on your anger, count your steps in order to focus your attention elsewhere. You can count once more than 1 to 10; if you lose the count, then we'll start with only 1.

If you have an angry or very moderate intensity, this will allow you to let go. But it will not work in itself if its wrath is intense. The third of is the use of zazen meditation (or some similar spiritual practice). This requires learning and daily practice (whether angry or not).

There are three major advantages that zazen meditation surpasses all other spiritual practices that this is the simplest, the simplest to learn and requires that you believe nothing else but that it can work. (In other words, you do not have to buy a full creed to use it.) If zazen meditation is mastered in a proper way, it will work all emotionally – and it will work fast, even within several hours, but it will work even days. (If the anger is really intense, then you have to sit several times.)

This is the middle way to deal with emotions. It is between the two opposing endpoints of ventilation and ignorance. This is to acknowledge the reality of passion, which is wise because it avoids ignoring something that is an important part of his life and also implies that he misses passion as a motivation, which is wise because it prevents his survival and possibly strengthening the passion.

If the first or the second exercise does not work this time for your anger, and yet to be very far away with zazen meditation, continue with the next step.

7th Find the Wise Men's Advice

Unfortunately, because the wise people are few and far apart, the techniques of harassment listed here may be the hardest.

Although it is quite popular and somehow helps some people, in my opinion, psychotherapy is limited. You can try behavioral therapy or neurolinguistic programming to help release your anger.

By chance, you may know a wise man who is willing to make friends with you. Sometimes there is a spiritual leader (for example, a trained musician) who is willing to help.

Most importantly, you figure out you have to let yourself go away from poisoning your life. Please do not think that there is a quick, magical cure somewhere "out there" that will work. None.

Before you doubt it, I remind you of the first step: because you have created your own affliction, you have the opportunity to finish it. Tomorrow, if you teach yourself how to end it, you have the opportunity to practice a practice that has experienced the habit of making it internal to what it has learned to automatically become. Once you get used to it, from an emotional point of view, survival of your life will be better than your life.

Thus are the wise men become. There is no such thing as a sage who could not practice spiritual practice as zazen meditation. There is no reason why you can not do it.

You hope can make you survive some very dark nights.

Please peace.

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