Q. I'm trying to find out all about the thing that's called anger management. I was angry at a lot, though I think he hides it well and does not really affect a lot of people. badly angry? What do I do differently?

A. I'm willing to bet that you do not hide your anger, as you think, because if you feel something, especially something as strong as anger, it will somehow come to light.

This is because we are not talking about acting.

It does not necessarily act obviously, but it turns out. It may sound loud, responding rather than listening or in a dozen other ways. It turns out.

The impact of anger on others

You think (maybe you jumped) that your anger did not have much effect around you. I'll ask you to do something that's a little threatening. Ask people near you – your wife, children, friends, and colleagues – to believe their anger affected them. I bet you will be surprised, embarrassed, sometimes even listening.

If you want to fight this thing, ask those closest to you how they have suffered from your anger.

Screw on both questions; you might have a heck for a ride. The surprising thing is that anger has not only a negative impact on others, but also affects us. Frederick Buechner says, "Of the seven deadly sins, anger is probably the most tempting: to shed wounds, to lick your lips a long time, to spin your tongue out of the unexpected bitterness of collision, to taste the last bite of your pain and the regurgitated pain –

Consider the results of the study:

Coral physicians Gables compared the pump's efficiency to nine healthy controls of 18 people in heart disease and each student participated in a physical stress test (exercise with a bicycle) and three mental stress tests recalling a recent accident with mathematical problems, which was very angry and given a short speech to protect them against accidental accusation.) Doctors using sophisticated X-ray techniques the subject matter and the tests. For all topics, anger reduced the amount of blood that the heart pumped into the body than the other tests.

Everyone gets angry. This is what affects our anger, which matters. If you get angry you have three options to do with it:

One is to nourish your anger by running the missed error over and over again in your mind.

Or you can find someone who blames you and concentrates on not having to do what he did.

The more you blame, the bigger the stuff is, the more you blame, the more you blame. Traffic is a great place to see this.

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