It is important to steer unhealthy anger as it is a destructive emotion. This article provides the reader with some opportunities to treat unhealthy anger.

What are the most important ways to control your emotions?

1) Do not get too stressed. Use relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation. Tighten and rest all the muscles through the body. Feel the stress in your body without judgment. Sit down for meditation every 20 minutes a day. Release your thoughts, do not give energy, but let them go.

2) Use a positive conversation. When you feel angry, tell yourself to take a deep breath and relax. Remind yourself that you can endure any situation.

3) Stop your angry reaction in your numbers. Tell yourself to stop and calm down.

4) Take care of yourself, which is angry. Be busy with something that will change your mind.

5) Leave time. When things are too big, give yourself a break. Get away from the situation and give yourself a place to rest. Take some time for a while. Go to the weekend or take a break somewhere where you can relax.

6) Takes care of situations that are angry with the role play to make real life situations and let go of them.

How can you change beliefs that cause unhealthy anger?

1) Issues of thought. Ask yourself whether it really is true? Try to look at things from another point of view.
2) Be objective with any personality traits that may make you angry. Are you sensitive to criticism?
3) Try to see things through another reference frame. Try to see situations or events as a positive change option.
4) Use humor to make the easiest side of events.

Additional tips to reduce healthy anger are:

* Developing communication skills can offer new ways to address social situations that have previously caused anger.
* Sometimes you can help her behave as if she were not angry, even if she was inside.
* Avoid situations that cause anger.
* Finally, increase your positive life.

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