Anger is an emotional state that is triggered by an unpleasant event for an individual who initiates the flow of adrenaline and often has a violent reaction time. Progress in anger can be said to follow this pattern; Disappointment, hurt, contemptuous spirit, anger, hatred and revenge

People react to anger in many ways. Some seek immediate revenge in the right proportion when they respond and say things they are always sorry or with a legitimate violent outburst that sometimes leads to death. Others will immediately be smug, but they will be calculated to be next year and become more devastating revenge while others become more philosophical and follow the biblical instructions that "vengeance is mine … and revenge," and revenge God's hand. Whatever the case, it is important to note that anger, if not properly exploited, results in inefficient energy and deep wounds, which will be healed forever. There is no profit that some people embrace because they are part of them and can not help but later deal with the always regrettable consequences. It is desirable for this person to be aware of his peculiarities and hypersensitive feelings. Anger breathes the anger that happens when your emotions collide with someone else's reaction, causing bitterness that darkens the world and sometimes the joy.

You're angry at any time, ask yourself the following questions; is my anger constructive or measured? Is my answer contradictory and gracious? Is it really worth having other people? Will relief get the aftermath?

What are the wounds? Old or new? It is an abusive parent or a cheating spouse or partner, or an abrupt treatment that is missing or an ignored promotion or friend's paid debt or children who have forgotten to exist. Whatever the case, you have to do this. Change your life to anger on sludge and let life bring peace and joy. It keeps its energy from doing something. Release it and do not hold it.

Finally, learn to live up to four "R" – REFLECT, REPENT, RECTIFY, and Responsibility, and control these golden rules when you're angry.

Think about the situation

Think about it before you react

Try to Increase Tolerance

Look at the Issues Truly

Reverse Roles and See Your Failure

Never Say a Word in Wrath's Heat, Cooling Period. Go back and have ten full deep breaths and then a cold glass of water before you say a word.

You're trying to understand each other's weaknesses.

Support each other's shortcomings

Learn to Learn and Forgive [19659002] Release and Leave God!

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