I bet you're familiar with most of our friends and relatives like a "nice" guy or girl who never disputes or loses his patience. You are there for everyone, in fact, you do not remember the last time you said "unsolicited". I will bet you are proud of this behavior and you feel that this is enough for a property. You are "there" who needs you and your perfect good-hearted and trustworthy friend. Everyone seems to love you, and life is good, but why can you feel more and more anxiety and often a sense of brain disorder than depersonalization?

I'll tell you why.

Although wonderfully being a "perfect" friend and relationship, this is not always the ideal recipe for balanced emotional health. It is a natural part of human nature that sometimes feels angry, feels anger, and expresses itself in a healthy way when it is angry … and the world is still turning.

A person who is predisposed to anxiety and / or depersonalization does not see the word anger as "acceptable" behavior. Therefore, this person will do everything he can to suppress anger, which can result in a physical and emotional manifestation of this highly oppressed emotion.

This person will bite his tongue, leave the room, or just smell confrontation. Everyone thinks they are sure they are holy, and they may be very fond of them, but within the deep, explosive mountains are being pulled out of the suppressed emotions. Finally, these emotions can come back to back pain, headaches, anxiety or the feeling of depopulation. A general numbness or brain tumor may replace feelings. It seems that feelings literally hang as the feeling of anger decreases. Retaining wrath can create a strong situation around you consciously, but it can also cause a stronger feeling of self-hatred if you do not take care. I'm glad everyone has a high price tag, because in the long run, everyone likes it, just for yourself.

The worst time to express our anger when we first experience it. The longer you wait, the less effective this strategy. The longer it waits for, the greater the accumulation of negative energy, which eventually explodes into a physical or emotional reaction.

Anger is effectively handled:

– Accept your anger. Normal and healthy to experience anger.

– Express until you feel the heat or in the shortest possible time. The anger of the anger is cold, while it is better than nothing, does not clean this energy in the same way.

You laugh at yourself if you think good people are never angry.

– When discussing anger, it is more about questions than about people.

– Understand that you will not forget your mind, be crazy or implanted, facing your anger.

– You must deal with anger as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the less effective. This is a challenge, but it prevents anxiety, dp and other symptoms of suppressed emotions.

– Understand that the expression of anger in no way destroys the true relationship . Honesty reinforces rather than real bond between two people.

– Accept the fact that the heat of anger can be felt effectively without harming yourself or anyone else.

– They know the real anger is exhilarating, as it cleanses the air and heads and opens the direct line of healthy communication.

– Allow yourself to be real friends, colleagues and relatives. It's a bigger gift than holding true emotions.

Learn to learn, to appreciate, and to live effectively with the fact that anger will be in your life and you can answer them without dying. It is acceptable to "not" and means to be angry when the situation arises.

Anger is a natural reaction and a part of the human condition. Life is still going on after she has a healthy, angry emotion. If the sound is lifted by the heat of the moment and tells you what your brain is, is a natural part of life and prevents negative energy from being built. This in itself results in unnecessary anxiety reactions

Changing the perception of anger as a part of human condition and changing your life.

The experience of anger does not mean crazy, control or violent person. It is a person who is full of emotions and can acknowledge and express them in a complete, safe and healthy way. Those who freeze emotions or others are generally paid for this choice. It's much healthier to recognize your emotions and handle them quickly and efficiently.

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