The subconscious messages go below the level of consciousness, bypassing the critical minds of conscious minds. They seem to have an impact on the deeper level of your mind, where habits develop and change. Finally, it gives you the power to consciously choose healthy habits, rather than unhealthy.

Subliminal Message Phenomena are topics that are so fascinating as controversial. They are self-conscious. This deeper area of ​​consciousness, sometimes referred to as the subconscious, has long been a problematic child of the scientific community, mainly because it is difficult to examine.

Millions of words have been written about how the human brain works and there seem to be so many opinions that try to explain what our minds are and how we think about it. However, the astonishing breakthroughs in biology, neuroscience and psychology and psychiatry make a much better understanding of how our bodies and mind work. Like the Quantum Mechanics, this new biological-psychological science is so revolutionary that the dogma that is held together is turned upside down, and the primary school of thought is just about to catch up. Epigenetics and dr. Bruce Lipton's pioneering work is that our genes have much less to do with our destiny than we have taught. Like the views of ancient wise men, this emerging research team suggests that our destiny, our health and our general well-being are our beliefs.

It is not your consciousness, part of your consciousness, but the unconscious beliefs in the container of long-term memory. Usually, there is no control over these powerful, life-forming beliefs, because we come from our environment and experience experienced experiences.

Only through mediation, hypnosis, underworld messages and other similar exercises we can influence the unconscious mind and begin to develop beliefs that support the way of life that we really want to live.

If you live a busy life like me, it may take time for meditation, yoga or marshal art. But when you are very busy, can you keep up with it? The great thing about subconscious messages is that you do not have to schedule them into your day. You can do them while you are working or surfing the web.

The question of whether they are effective or not is suppressed by seemingly special interests, and the fact that most people are uncomfortable with such topics. The effects of subliminal messages are also difficult to determine or measure.

Many original attempts to investigate the power of Subliminal Messages have sparked some of the original attempts to go back to the 1950s. It also appears that the multitude of experiments carried on both sides of the corridor is questionable, documented, subjective and unconvincing. Traditional research methods are unsuitable and largely unable to properly perceive the neuro-corridors of consciousness.

Interestingly, in four hundred different experiments I did not encounter fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging). FMRI has existed since the 1980s, but is still the most advanced brain scanner. This 32-tonne wicker-shaped instrument shows that the brain responds to stimuli in real time. However, the mysteries of the human mind far outstrip the scientific tools we seek. Even the fMRI has a limit.

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