Copywriting is a term that refers to the spelling of marketing and promotional texts (also called "sales") in the efforts to publish and promote the product or service in a way that the reader buys. Convincing wording contains the elements that are needed to enable the reader to engage and keep them read. This is the fundamental purpose of good copywriting – the reader is happy to read and read.

All the statements of persuasive texts are intended to read by the reader to read the following statement. This seamless chain is made in a way that creates exclusion by adding color words and psychological signals – influencing thinking and encouraging responses. The task of the copywriter is to talk to the reader's mind and heart and give him what he is looking for. It starts with knowing what you want; then to help fulfill these desires (then make sure that … of course!).

The header

The headline is arguably the most important part of the sales instance. This is because if it is not interesting after reading the headline, it has lost its reader and potential sales. The title is intended to preserve and preserve the reader's appetite. You want to be proud of the proverbial bit, to hear what they are preparing for the discovery.

One of the ways I often try to look at the headlines is to imagine the late Don Don "Thunder Throat" LaFontaine (the guy who heard thousands of movie trailers) in my title. While this tone adds a lot to each title bar, it really helps to put things in a good way. Think about how many movie sales were made with the style that made a stunning speech pattern. We have to summarize every word in short.

Short headlines are better than longer headlines, arguable because it really depends on the product or service being up. On the other hand, the general rule for a typical business sales instance is "less good". We suggest the initial attention of the readers with as few words as possible.

Some examples of delightful headlines:

– Here's the secret that the doctor does not want you to know …

– 7 Things to Never Do in a Sales Presentation

– How to Make $ 5,000 Under 60 Days From Home … No Sales

– Discover This Secret Trainer # 1 Weight Loss Secret

– Instant Triple Monthly Online Sale

The above headlines are clear and accurate; do not give enough information to tell the reader the details. So let your readers know you want to see your offer. Notice that there are no exclusion marks, and that's just because a good headline does not require exclamation marks.

The concept of some well-meaning headline covers those that are:

– It seems to reveal secrets

– Begin the "how"

/ month "

– Be in a much shorter time, like the normal

The Promise

Starting with the title line and continuing with the text, there is an underly promise that needs to be translated to the reader. show, "the promise is to sharply sharpen the reader's knowledge with a list of things that blur the opportunity of a successful sales demonstration. While writing a copy, pay attention to your promise and do not stop the key point. Tell me …

If you are not well-known in your field or want to gain credibility in your script, nothing creates confidence in reading oh and between you, cold, hard facts. You will notice that I did not say comprehensive statements or generalities. If you have an actual example: "Most women like XYZ," you have to know a lot about statistics. Something like that: "In the 2007 interview, Sean Ammirati, Udi Manber, vice president of Google Engineering, admitted that 20-25% of daily searches were never seen;" It provides powerful, verifiable statistics.

The reader should be able to identify your statistical data and then find the statistical data (in most cases). In Google's statistics, we see that "who" and "when" were created early, so anyone can find this statistic if you want a certificate. The date (2007) is important in this statistic because today this number can not be accurate and the reader can take it into account.

Consumers' Psychology

The man who called him "spin's father" was named Edward Bernays. This guy literally wrote a book about propaganda (Bernays wrote in 1928 the book Propaganda) and even learned what he learned from his uncle and persuaded his uncle to see which theories would be more popular in the United States than in Austria, where his uncle comes from. His uncle was Sigmund Freud and well known in the international theory of psychology.

Bernays was an architect of such controversial propaganda campaigns as a campaign that would make it acceptable for women to smoke – at a time when he was horrible and the beer campaign as a "measure of moderation". In the PR industry, many have acknowledged their conviction and are suspected by others by using propaganda to change public opinion, Bernays takes over history in the past from consumer psychology's father. What can we learn from our controversial and often ominous approach?

Bernays knew how to listen to people and more, he knew how to respond. The first major issue that "big tobacco" meant, "Why are not women smoking?" Once the answer was found, we managed to create a campaign to reverse the issue from the perspective of society. He is also able to brew in the light of being a better alternative than the hard liquid for those who are more responsible. The same psychology was used in the "Other White Meat" campaign of the National Pigmeat Commission at the end of the 1980s (although pork is not considered white meat with USDA).

Let's start by asking yourself why you care about your reader and what they deserve from your offers. Use the answers to these questions in the copy guidelines. It sells the benefits and benefits only. And close the transaction by removing or removing the reader's risk.


warranties may take several forms. The most commonly used guarantee is the non-conventional cash back guarantee. This warranty may be for 30, 60, or 90 days. The longer the warranty period the better. If you have a purchase offer, you do not have to worry about too many receivers. If the offering of the guarantee was not effective, marketing companies have long since abolished this practice. Get the product with a strong guarantee. This will be the pressure on the reader and convince them to buy – if you are interested in the product.

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