Art therapy has long been a form of the therapeutic process of emotional disorders and anxiety. Van Gogh has preserved art among the demons. Recently, therapists have been a great success story with the use of creative and artistic expression to treat anger, depression and pain.

For example, take Carla P., who was rescued with artistic therapy from the severe depression of 15 years. He claimed that the separation of creative works saved his life. Though the drug was relieved, he bought the 35 pounds of weight gain that had long been and dumphous. Then he began to look for alternative treatment routes. On a friend's advice, Carla has signed up for an art therapy class, even though she does not believe the meeting would help her.

He was so enjoyable that he was back in the second week. Within six weeks Carla noticed that she was significantly improving in sleep. He did not throw away and turned at night; he also noticed the more positive welfare. The little things did not bother him so much, because his mind was immersed in the design of the next art project.

He said optimistic feeling. In fact, he felt very good that he had begun walking every morning and lost the £ 10 within three months. Your doctor was so pleased with your progress that he reduced his dose of medication.

Carla is now convinced that her paintings have helped her feel the immense fury that has been haunted for 20 years. Claiming that professions changed the pattern of negative thinking, he called art therapy as a form of anger management.
You're right.

In the book "Art Therapy and Anger", the contributing Art Psychotherapist Leila Moules describes the successes that ODD works with children with art. It uses art to help these kids "look inside" so they can control some of their behavioral problems. Essentially, the therapeutic process is a set of tools that will help to correct anger.

Journal of Pain and Symptom Management also show that creative expression reduces symptoms of cancer and anxiety in cancer patients.

Researchers have discovered that the creative process of art is a transformation tool. Art can heal and improve life. Studies confirm that artistic therapy minimizes the symptoms of anger and fear because creative play provides a form of distraction that keeps children away from anxiety.

Art projects inspire them to focus on something positive, independent of their emotional circumstances, yet they favor long-term emotional health. Art allows children to exercise a certain amount of control over what they are doing to help them regain their own impulsive behavior.

Whether working on clay or dye, the art project strengthens children's leadership and commitment.

Art Therapy is another powerful tool to treat anger that can complement or replace the use of medicines.

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