Self help is the individual's power. Thus, the ego is not consistent and crystalline. This is a part that can affect the other. Sharing the two parts of the ego is simple: the influential page is composed of the conscious part and the affected page is in the subconscious. The conscious part of human consciousness is just the tip of the iceberg, as opposed to the great and mysterious consciousness. In fact, we have no information about the part of the ego to which the autosuggestion applies.

To try to find a kind of "virtual mapping" of the soul with the aim of finding and differentiating the subconscious abstract element that is sensitive to the proposals, the best way to evaluate hypnosis is, where the proposal takes the most direct and targeted manifestation.

The Ego Paradox

In addition to the ego consciousness and subconsciousness, and that one part may affect the other, hypnosis is another phenomenon of the subconscious ego. Only this part, which is the solid core of the conscious ego and which is actually the "core of the mind", is presumably liquid and unstable. We expect the individual to preserve his strongest identity and his identity is not solid at all. A person can easily be hypnotized by believing that someone is completely different. One can be hypnotized by believing that he is living in another place and time, and he will really believe it. In addition, in some cases, you may be hypnotized by believing that you are an animal, and you may become hypocritical in your hypnotic trance and behave accordingly. When hypnosis was discovered for the first time, he was not well aware of the serious harm that a human psyche could cause. Pioneering professionals would hypnotize young women to believe that chickens – believed and enclosed – some of them eventually lose their health.

The paradox, by which the personality of the weakest part is the core of human personality, is not unique within the mind-body system. The brain itself, in which all emotions and emotions are centered and which is the only body that perceives the body, including pain or light touch, is actually insensitive and has no reaction to touch, touch or cut. 19659002] Hypnosis proves that the human mind hides a central point that does not bind – not place, but time, and not through the identity developed by the individual throughout his life. This part accompanies the individual from birth to death. Almost every night we meet in dreams where we meet in different times, in another place, and sometimes in different identities. If we resemble the mind (or psyche) to a virtual sphere, the solid outer crust is the conscious part, while the core – the hypnosis point as it encircles all layers and surfaces – is the mental core. Because of the "paradox of ego" and its unmistakable nature, hypnosis remains a scientific mystery and the mental core remains unlit.

Explanation of the ego paradox

Birth at birth with a great figure of the child, the "tabula rasa" identity and personality. It is genuinely born with the instinctive will of survival and its inherent egoism, yet any question related to its identity and personality is largely dependent on its environment in which it was born. For example, if you rise between monkeys or wolves, you will grow to believe that he is a wolf or a monkey (even though he felt the difference between them and between them). It adapts to the environment in which it lives, adopts its habits and norms, feels that it belongs to it and identifies it and accordingly develops its identity. He will do everything he can to fit the genetic data he was born with, the reality he is growing up. Any child born independently of the environment will continue over the years in order to shape its nature, essence, and identity on the basis of its genetic load and environmental factors.

The ego-building process that every person must fully cover the mind, but rather leaves nothing in his neutral position as identity and personality. On the core, layers of the ego build, pack and crystallize the results, experience, confidence, ratios, status, property, etc. Through its development. There are some people who have created thick and solid layers of protection in their core souls, and there are those whose nucleus is much exposed – but everything is fluid for identity and personality.

Understanding this reason is a "negative" method. Suppose the core of the mind has opposite characteristics, that is, it has a clear and crystalline, strong, firm and immutable identity. A person with such a core would be very difficult to adapt to the many changes that are going on in life. She could not cope with her body, her growth and aging, and the different roles she needs to complete over her entire life cycle. It would not be able to handle changes in space, time, and living conditions. He would be completely incapable of filling another role, masking the stereotype image or resisting. There is no doubt that such a life will be much smaller and people will behave as sophisticated robots whose behavior and responses can always be calculated

The weakness of mental seeds is also the secret of human strength, as the soul dissolves the weak point by confirms the ego layers that cover the core of themselves as they claim to attain the achievements, respect, and status.

If the hearts of all people were rigid, we would have many problems: no ego struggle, no war in honor and state. All the sensitivity, vulnerability, vengeance and jealousy would not exist. In addition, psychological problems related to identity and personality such as shared personalities, fragmented personalities, unsuccessful personalities and various personality disorders would not exist.

Needing rigid and solid nuclear results and self-realization would be superfluous. A person with such a core feels that you do not have to belong to any group. You do not even feel the need for warmth and love if you want to finish the missing part of your personality.

The need to create and sustain identity, which is the life of the individual, is almost equivalent to surviving the will, which is an inherent genetic factor. Usually, these two urges are in harmony, but sometimes there are conflicts. There are people who are willing to die to preserve their identity, dignity, status, independence, or the social environment to which they belong. On the other hand, under threat of death, many people are willing to pass on their personality and change it to protect their lives.

Suggesting Effect

Suggestive influence has three levels: proposal, autosugeration, and hypnosis. Constantly exposed to suggestions, in every age and everywhere. They use our subconsciouss and consciousness directly and indirectly and influence our thoughts, feelings, desires, beliefs, consumer preferences, etc. Proposals do not usually penetrate the mental core.

Autosuggestion is not at all directed towards consciousness, and does not intend to change its opinions or direct thoughts. He is completely directed towards the subconscious, and his destiny is emotions.

Hypnosis has the strongest suggestive effect and is able to reach the mental core. Here, too, is the secret of the power of the core weakness, as it resiliently regains its original form by its elasticity, after the hypnotic effect.

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