Stress is like a rubber band that reaches its limit. It opens without releasing the pressure. The Harvard Public Health School says: "Severe, persistent stress … increases wear and, ultimately, diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes." Release this rubber band … by restoring balance in your life.

Some stress is really helpful: motivates and energizes us. But when stress is unbalanced, our problems begin. Many of us feel stress. Steve says, "Stress-freedom is a professional suicide in my field. We are all interchangeable so you just suck and try to hide stress."

Imagine two people carrying heavy weights between them. If your weight approaches a person, the burdens become harder! But if you pull the weight, you suddenly share the burden and carry it much easier. This equilibrium: Learn how to remove unwanted stress so you can interrupt living space.

There are three main causes of stress: fear, anxiety and doubt. Whatever the delayed job proposal, a big check that accounts for your bank account is a child who will stay later and later or even in "fun" presses like a group of friends for dinner.

You don't have to stop the load, you just have to balance it. When things are unbalanced, stress is overwhelming.

As Lord Krishna says, "Yoga is not possible for someone who eats too much, or eats too much, who sleeps too much or sleeps too little, Arjuna." (Gita 6.16)

Take the balance, turn tables and control stress, not allowing you to control you! The BALANCE word is focused on our goal:

• Be calm – manage it and get through it!
• Always tell the truth. Don't play games; do not lie.
• Leave these molehill alone; Don't build them on mountains! Focus on solutions.
• Appetite – a balanced diet and lifestyle; choose calm melodies, no loud chaos. Quiet music reduces blood pressure and reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.
• N o – the new answer to material desires that lead to the goal of BAL-ANCE! Don't try to control everything; learn to say and release.
• Communication – a good designer and communicator. Talk and Listen: A good relationship with friends and loved ones is important for a healthy lifestyle.
• E scape; book a vacation or just a short walk in nature. Or escape yoga, premium-namam (breathing) exercises, meditation and prayers.

Some people say they love stress and are lucky. "I'm just one of those people who works well under pressure," says Ed. Physiologically, it's impossible! Even if Ed does not realize, the damage is real: stressful bodies are secret toxins that weaken the immune system and cause all kinds of immunodeficiency disease, including cancer. We gain or lose an unhealthy amount of weight. High blood pressure or heart problems suffer without recognizing or ulcer or digestive disorder.

Stress can lose everything: happiness, health, wealth and tranquility!

Try these three quick steps during work! – immediately release stress, restore balance in all situations:

1. Take a deep breath. Keep them for as long as possible (15 to 45 seconds) and then slowly breathe out. Repeat three times.
2. Listen for a few minutes. Sit down for a few minutes if possible.
3. Drink a glass of water at room temperature.

Lainey is a mother who has learned the secrecy of balance and has recently switched to a lower-paid job. "I live more live and keep my health – and spend time with my kids, not with more money and illness." A balanced lifestyle is a must for a stress-free and worry-free life and for eternal happiness and peace.

If you keep your balance in your daily activities, your whole life will be balanced. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "Nothing can bring peace, but yourself."

Prayer releases endorphins and increases the threshold of body relaxation. When you rebalance the burden of life, "I am calm" or "calm" statements begin to come true as the inner peace awakens.



If you have a few more minutes (this is really all!), This longer meditation helps you to live in stressful times during your life.

first Choose a clean, quiet place. Sit comfortably, still and straight. Make sure the back, spine, chest, neck and head are straight and straight (a 3-inch thick pillow under the hips will help you withhold and hold back Spain).

Gently close your eyes.

3rd Breathing Technique: Breathing is the source of prana energy (a source of life). The speed of our breath is proportional to the speed of our emotions. When our minds are calm, we breathe slowly, and vice versa.

Focus on both inhalation and exhalation. ] • Breathe deeply and hold for 10 seconds. Breathe in slowly and mentally: "Re-lax" – 3x (Relaxation)
• Breathe deeply and hold for 20 seconds. Exhale slowly and spiritually: "Re-lax" – 3x (Relaxation – Stress Release)
• Breathe normally. Observe and follow your nose from the nostrils when you step in and out (intervention and exhalation). Don't manipulate the air. Try to say "Relax" with any inhalation.

4th Feel and experience muscle relaxation and relaxation every time you say "Relax".

5th Relax completely, travel from toe to head. Focus on your toes and then on the individual parts of the body, saying "Relax" when it reaches all parts of the body.

6th Feel all body organs, all parts of the body (name organs: legs, knees, thighs, hips, stomach, chest, kidneys, liver, intestine, heart, lungs, pancreas, etc.). , all DNA, gene, nucleotide, ATCG calm. Go deeper and deeper into every particle, atom, electron, proton, neutron, body and relaxation feeling. Feel that your whole body is loose energy.

7th Now that you are approaching an increasingly calm state, add this statement. Say:

• I'm calm.
• The muscles are calm.
• My body is calm.
• My mind is calm.

8th Observe the rest of the body, the peace of mind. Continue for 10 minutes or more to enjoy this relaxed, calm state.

ninth Rub your hands and place them on your head and body, focusing on all the areas that need attention. Relax on your eyes, then open your eyes carefully.

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